Рита Дакота призналась, почему не может похудеть после родов
The singer complained about the lack of outfits.

Photo: Instagram

Rita Dakota first became a mother in October last year. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, whom they named the unusual name MIA. She honestly tells his fans about everything that happens with it to make the world of social networks, at least some “Ghost reality”. Because everyone knows that Instagram and real life is two completely different things, often radically opposed.

So, Dakota admitted that he experienced severe postpartum depression, and breast stopped feeding, when my daughter was just a baby due to severe health problems. Now the star shared with followers, over 8 months after giving birth and was unable to regain the antenatal form. But most of her colleagues coped with this problem for almost three months!

“Then suddenly I really was horrified to find that I have nothing to wear, — said Dakota. — A few boxes of clothes I gave to charity immediately after the move, still a huge box mother, sister Vlada and her friends. All that is left, or zaneseno a hundred years, or deferred until the moment when I’ll go back to “before pregnancy”. Especially for the gloating: I recovered, and started to make awful hormonal birth control, which I did not like. It’s terrible, I’m plus 6 from your normal “Dobermann” weight!”

Fans rushed to reassure Rita that she looks great. However, the majority condemned the singer that she “hurts” your body with hormones for contraception. “There are other, not as harmful.” — started to convince the star women.