Ринго Старра посвятили в рыцари
The Queen gave honor to conduct the ceremony of his grandson.

Ringo Starr


At Buckingham Palace hosted
a ceremony was held here the knighting of the next group
subjects of Elizabeth. Among the new knights was one of the members of the legendary
The “fab four”, as it was once called “the Beatles” — Ringo Starr.

Fans of the famous drummer
the group congratulated their idol. However, someone expressed his surprise: why
musician so long had to wait for a well-deserved honor. After all, his colleague Paul McCartney was awarded a knighthood
the title for more than 20 years ago — in 1997. But his band mates John Lennon and George Harrison were never
to be awarded this honour. Because according to the rules of this title may not be
awarded posthumously, nor one nor the other knights already called can not be.

Well at least Ringo, who has reached the age of 77 years, still lived up to the solemn moment. However,
looks like Sam Starr not too serious about his new title. When it
asked to comment on a joyful event, Ringo just noticed in the style
the hero of a famous movie: “Smile, gentlemen!”

Interestingly, the knighting, which is usually carried out or the Queen or her husband,
this time entrusted Elizabeth’s grandson — Prince William. He responsibly took his mission: touching
“ritual” sword shoulder former “Beatle”, the Prince made his members
knightly orders. From now on, the musician will be called “Sir Ringo Starr”.