Анна Цуканова-Котт ждет ребенка The actress is preparing to become a mother. Anna Tsukanova-Cott personally reported the good news to his followers. They congratulate her on the upcoming addition to the family, wishing health and happiness.

Actress and Director Anna Tsukanova-Cott told fans the happy news. Recently, the celebrity chose to rest and skip social events. A few weeks Anne had spent in Thailand, enjoying the sun and warm weather. She ate the delicious fruit, lots of swimming and shared the images with followers. However, a number of followers were surprised that Tsukanov-Kott dressed in loose stuff, as well as photographed only the chest.

“I have news, we will soon have a new addition to the family we are very happy,” wrote Anna, tired of the speculation.

Subscribers congratulations young woman. “Such wonderful news. Women’s intuition did not disappoint, and I want to write, like, I knew it. Health to all of you”, “You are so dazzling and beautiful! Happiness and all the best to you and your family! The baby will be as lovely as you!” “How to paint a woman’s pregnancy, the most wonderful time!” – wrote the user Network.

Anna met her husband many years ago, starring in his debut film. At that time the young actress was only 7 years old.

“When I was in first grade, we came to the school, aspiring filmmaker Vladimir Kott. He then helped his brother Alexander, who had graduated from the directing Department VGIK, looking for girls to film. And chose me among all students of primary school. So the first time I shot Sasha, her future husband. It turns out, my fate is predetermined Volodya. And Sasha’s too,” recalled Anna.

Many years later between the Director and the student Theatre school (WTU). Shchukin began a relationship. They began to live together.

“Sasha was trying to get married, and once even set a date yet, but the acting life is unpredictable, so… And anyway, what difference does it make? None of the stamp cannot keep people. In the movie, I went out several times married, it seemed monstrous,” – said about their relationship, Anna.

The couple has a son Michael, born in 2008. The boy often accompanies the mother on some occasions. With it Anna held “winter” in warmer climes, and also managed to show the boy the Singapore with its excellent views.