Максим Фадеев похудел на 45 килограммов
The producer will shave my beard as soon as I drop another thirty.

Maxim Fadeev

Photo: @Instagram fadeevmaxim Maxim Fadeev

Maxim Fadeev decided to take himself seriously. During
live in personal microblogging producer said that he intends to lose more weight on
thirty pounds. Maxim said that in recent years he was so far recovered that he
became difficult. “I had a very large weight, it became impossible to live with, —
shared Fadeev. — I thought up the system of weight loss, now everything is checked on
yourself. Lost 42 pounds, left to lose another thirty.” It is also interesting that the harmony is just the beginning
drastic change of image, which is tuned in Maxim. A few years ago, he
I gave myself to shave the beard off as soon as the lead figure in the order.

This is not the only change in the life of the producer and his
artists. Recently there were rumors that a Professor would refuse to work with the artists. At
words Fadeeva, he really has closed its center, and terminated the contracts with all
artists. This was done in order to create something new and unique for Russian
show-business. Now Maxim is not a producer of the wards, and partner. How
now it will look its interaction with Yulia Savicheva, SEREBRO group,
Nargis Glitch”оZой, Oleg Miami and other singers, he told in detail.

“We canceled all production contracts with artists.In 1993
year I began working as a producer with his first artist. At that time
the music business was different – we were innovators in music and in the approach to
to the business. Today actors are others, including, I mean, and
those with whom we work for many years, and himself. We grew together
of the relations “producer-artist”. The new background of our work is a partnership
approach. We not only get rid of the old name of Production Centre and
by entering the new name – music label MALFA, and completely replaceable
business strategy. I talk a lot about the new show business, and in order to
to build it from scratch, you need to update something that is already waiting for change. We start with
yourself. The time has come for personalities when an artist creates trends and is working on
their way has not worked for most, but we’re going
that risk!” — said the producer.