Бывший Рианны с пистолетом напал на королеву красоты
Chris brown arrested again, and this time he’s looking at a lengthy period.

Бывший Рианны с пистолетом напал на королеву красоты

Chris Brown

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Bailey Curran

Photo: @bayleecurran/Instagram

Chris brown, former boyfriend of Rihanna, has again become a protagonist
the face of the scandal. This time the rapper has been in trouble with the law after
how to put a loaded gun to the head of the woman, threatening to kill her.
The victim, who managed to get out of the house, called the police, and rapper
was arrested. However, to
to deliver it to police headquarters… it took 11 hours! This was reported by the newspaper The Sun.

It all started with the fact that the winner
one of the regional beauty pageants in California, Bailey
Curran came to the party
in the Los Angeles home of Chris. And all was well until Bailey joined
the company of friends of brown’s, one of which decided to show off his new
decoration — a chain with a cross, decorated with diamonds. Karen began
admire the design of jewelry. And
then brown suddenly lost his temper, although, according to the girl, she did not give him this the slightest reason.
Chris pulled the pistol from his pocket, put it to her head and began
shouting threats.

According to Karen, brown was definitely not
in itself — perhaps under the influence of drugs. When frightened Bailey
tried to leave the house of Chris, his bodyguards barred her way and not
allowed to take even a mobile phone, demanding that she signed the agreement
not to disclose anything that you saw in the house. Bailey refused. Ultimately,
she managed, throwing your phone away from home.

Neighbors who heard her screams, rushed to
help, and one of them borrowed the phone, so she called the police. However
to surrender to the police soon arrived Chris refused. He barricaded himself in
the house withstood the attack as long as he did not show
discharged during this time, a warrant for his arrest. However, a few hours later,
Brown was released on bail in 250 thousand dollars. If he is found
guilty, may be sentenced to 4 years in prison.However he is no stranger — in the past he has not once visited the court and had to serve for beating his ex — Rihanna.

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