Лариса Гузеева рьяно вступилась за Алику Смехову
The presenter has not given offense to your friend.

Alika Smekhova with Artem and Makar

Photo: @alika_smekhova Instagram Aliki Laughter

Alika Smekhova was the victim of an attack enemies in social networks. The actress shared a snapshot with her grown sons, has caused unexplained aggression from spiteful critics and ran into the most unpleasant comments from their side. Under the touching family portrait of commentators accused Smehova that she’s allegedly too much time to his sons: 16-year-old Artyom and 8-year-old Makar, and can’t let go “from his mother’s skirts”.

A good friend Aliki — Larisa Guzeeva did not suffer such insults to close to her person and stood up for Smehova. The presenter harshly put in place of the commentators expressing their point of view on parenting. “That’s right, better them to a shelter, and the mother let the lights, right? Because you do? Membrannye individuals…” wrote Larissa. To engage in debate with detractors on Guzeeva did not become, having limited only with one saying them.

Meanwhile, Guzeeva repeatedly told that the education of his son George had big problems. So, for example, she still blames herself for some of the mistakes of its past. “Always talk to their children and peers. And it’s wrong! With George when he was a kid, I did like he’s my husband, — told Larisa in an interview 7days.ru. — He, let’s say, ten years, and I, for something angry at him, I’m going to my room, cry, throw myself on the bed and he follows me, sits on the edge… I say: “I don’t want to hear”. And run to the bathroom and he stands there at the door and asks: “Mommy, open”. In short, passion raged. Now I realise I’m very guilty. Though the hands never broke, but was intemperate language and I’m afraid wounded son much. He was just a boy, baby, why I went to him with such demands? Expensive I wouldn’t give to have George in some places faded memory…”

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