Дети Дианы Арбениной идут в первый класс
Her biggest fear is waiting for the start of the study.

Children of Diana Arbenina Artem and March

Children of Diana Arbenina, six-year-old twins Artem and Martha,
tomorrow I go to the first class. The singer told she anxiously awaits the start of the school year, if
not to say with alarm.

“I’m not touching the fact that my children are six and
a half, and they go to school, ” Diana says. I am mostly worried about something else: I
with great fear waiting for the first homework, after school program, I don’t
remember anything! Even the fact that the kids go to first grade, and it’s just
the primary curriculum doesn’t tell me anything. For now, the children develop
incredible pace, so I can hardly imagine that they will be held”.

Unlike star mothers, children are at school with a large
enthusiasm and look forward to tomorrow.

“Morally Artem and March
school ready, ” says the singer. “They are eager to learn. We bought
beautiful form and educational supplies. In General, September 1, they can’t
wait. Now the most important that this enthusiasm is not passed quickly, because
I personally it ended to the second class. Around the second half
the school year I realized that to go to school just do not want.”

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