Рианна рискует потерять друзей из-за романа с саудовским миллиардером The relationship of the singer with a wealthy boyfriend did not appreciate her social circle. Ex-girlfriend man, Naomi Campbell, stopped all the contacts with the diva and unsubscribed from it in social networks, and ex-boyfriend Drake held a grudge.
Рианна рискует потерять друзей из-за романа с саудовским миллиардером

In late June, the 29-year-old Rihanna, not usually prone to public displays of tenderness, made an exception to the rule for a mysterious stranger. A couple enthusiastically making out in the pool of a beautiful Villa in Ibiza, on the edge sparkled in the sun two tall glasses of champagne. To prove that it’s not a date, but, say, a business meeting, wouldn’t even the most savvy PR man.

The stranger ceased to be a mysterious pretty fast. East handsome Hasan Jamil was heir to one of the richest families in Saudi Arabia, which among other things owns the exclusive right to sell in this country, the Toyota cars. As a representative of the family firm Hassan has traveled the world, met with members of the British Royal family and other interesting people. In particular, with supermodel Naomi Campbell, which in the spring is suddenly removed Rihanna from friends in social networks.

Dear enemy

The people in the environment of the singer saying she met Hasan heir lovely condition half a billion dollars – about ten months ago.

“They spent a lot of time together, but tried to find a place private, away from prying noses”, according to friends, Rihanna. Most likely, in fact, the conspirators cared about was the nose Naomi. The situation was at least awkward. Back in July of last year, the guy was already longing for a 47-year-old model at the concert of Stevie wonder in London’s Hyde Park.

Hassan was drawn to Naomi as magnetized and whispered something in your ear. The witnesses were a hundred percent sure that it was not about selling Toyota Saudi numbers. According to rumors, the first friend tried to divide Hassan through peaceful negotiations.

“It turned out that Rihanna is in love for real, – said close to the star circles the sources. – When the two fusion women something to share, you can expect trouble. But if Rihanna really wants something, it does not stop, sweeping away everything in its path. For Naomi’s relationship with Hassan was just a fling, but she hates to lose.”
Рианна рискует потерять друзей из-за романа с саудовским миллиардером


Love Rihanna — is it really news. Until now, she loved only once, and the honor of the rapper Chris brown left her bruised with nothing. After the main singer was sure that the man respected her, and the relationship was not humiliated. In 2010, she is almost perfect in the face of the baseball player Matt Kemp. “It’s like an island of peace in the chaos of my life, – explained the singer. – When you feel losing it, is enough for me to talk to him, and I come in.”

In the fourth month of the novel the lovers went to rest in Mexico, where reporters took it in the siege. “Matt was okay with it, I tensed, recalled Rihanna in two years. Thought, we are tied to each other? If you see him with another girl, I’ll be in the headlines as the woman who cheat. I hardly knew this guy, I just liked his energy!”

In every man, which Rihanna showed interest, were found to have some flaw. Some, like rappers Travis Scott and Drake even found himself guilty that loved her too much. Drake pursued a singer (in a good way) from the first meeting in 2009. Rihanna refused to it reciprocity under various pretexts: the wrong time or mood, her fascination with older men, bad weather, critical days….

“I was a pawn, said Drake. – She treated me the same way I did with women my whole life. Have fun and disappeared. It’s a horrible feeling when you use”.

But it was Rihanna after another fiasco on the personal front, to entice with a finger, Drake has lost will, and it would happen. In 2012 he even got into a fight with former lover Rihanna, Chris brown, defending her honor.

The presence of the knight on the white horse did not stop Rihanna to declare that love in her world doesn’t exist: “If you meet a cool guy, I don’t mind a bit of him to hang out. But the moment when I realize that he was too close, slam the door on him. The last official boyfriend was Chris brown, and I still have feelings for him.”

In turn, the statement Rihanna has not prevented the Drake record songs with her, to put performances, dinner in restaurants, hanging out in strip clubs and to buy a Billboard to congratulate her with another music award. In August 2016, he went up on stage and tell her you love her. At another event, she thanked him with a passionate kiss. It seemed that the lovely lady has finally appreciated the devotion of the Chevalier in value, now they will live long, happily and die in one day. Nothing of the sort. By October it was all over – according to the official version, due to different schedules.

Now Drake certainly seems that he didn’t have to kill seven years, achieving from Rihanna love that Saudi handsome Hasan Jamil with the bonus of half a billion dollars won for ten months. So Naomi Campbell is not the only offended party in this story. Rihanna will lose a lot of friends among ex-lovers, who maintained contact with her through social networks in the hope that she’ll change her mind. But if the singer is configured relative Hassan is so serious that he decided to expose the affair to the public, she’ll get over it.