Pasha Artemyev appealed for help to psychics

Паша Артемьев обратился за помощью к экстрасенсам The former participant of group “Roots” wanted to solve their problems. Pasha Artemyev has released a song and shot a video for it. Musician for a long time did not indulge fans with new products, but because they appreciated the song.

Seven years ago, Pasha Artemyev left the popular group “the Roots”. The man decided to work solo under the name ARTEMIEV. He introduced new songs to the General public, but then decided to devote himself to the dramatic art, and also played a role in the movie. However, on 12 July, 34-year-old musician shared the clip, which he directed for the song “lullaby”.

In the story, the action takes place in the framework of a TV show featuring psychics, whose role was played Alexander Gudkov and Arina marakulina. Anyone could call magicians Zafira horoshko and ruby to handle a personal request. One of the participants was Pavel Artemyev. The man complained of insomnia. People with supernatural powers promised to help him get rid of the problem. They began to say the spell, waving feathers, and conduct mysterious rituals. The background played the song Artemyev. Interestingly, the movie Director made himself Pasha. According to his idea at the bottom of the screen it allowed a running line lyrics.

Fans were excited to hear the new composition of the artist. They were delighted with the work of Artemyev. Followers were quick to Express their delight and admiration. “Great song, Pash”, “this morning woke up to this clip. Damn, after he fell asleep again”, “the Creeps” – commented the users of the Network.

The musician was pleased to get feedback from fans. He thanked all who worked to create the clip.

“There are wonderful people involved, and so we were glad to do it, this clip. I am so grateful. And am grateful to you for watching and if be not too lazy to go to YouTube and leave your comment there and priceless like, it will do incredibly well”, – said Artemyev.