Дженнифер Энистон подозревает мужа в изменах с Милой Кунис

Hollywood actress, ex-wife of brad pitt, 47-year-old Jennifer aniston is again in a sticky situation — her 45-year-old husband, actor and screenwriter Justin Theroux on the set of flirting with a colleague, a married actress Mila kunis. While the affair between the stars no one speaks, and assumptions about the sympathy expressed itself aniston. She is afraid that beloved will leave her to another, as was the case with pitt.

Jennifer aniston doesn’t think of herself jealous and constantly arguing with my husband Justin Theroux. The reason for a young brunette – wife of Ashton Kutcher Mila kunis. Jen seems that the husband nourishes warm feelings for Mila. Insiders confirm that Theroux often leaves the house to meet with kunis. They have dinner together and even have dinner in restaurants. However, actors may associate exclusively to the business relationship. They want to play together in the new movie “the Spy who left me.” This may explain the frequent meetings Theroux and kunis. Stars help each other prepare for the film, discussing the script, changing dialogues. But it doesn’t Jennifer aniston, it is against such meetings and forbids her husband to chat with Cute.
As said one of the insiders close to the couple aniston-Theroux, Justin tired of making excuses to his wife, also he was tired of baseless scandals and clarify the relationship. Theroux constantly tells Jennifer that he sees kunis exclusively a colleague and have a friendly sympathy. Aniston continues to be mad at both. In the end, the marriage of Hollywood stars bursting at the seams.
Jennifer aniston is not the first time suspects her husband of philandering with young Actresses. Not so long ago, Theroux was attributed an affair with actress Margaret Quelli that broke out on the set of the series “Left behind”. But the man did not comment on the rumors. But the ex-wife of Pete then decided to divorce. She even consulted with the best American lawyers. But nothing happened, and the pair remained together.
Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux together for 7 years. They met in 2010 filming the movie “Passion to change places”. After a year, the couple officially stated that they’re Dating. In 2015, they played a secret wedding in the mansion, which he purchased for $ 21 million. Theroux gave the bride a ring with an emerald for 1 million. Despite all this idyll, the media is leaking information that Justin gets a fleeting relationship with colleagues. And aniston is constantly jealous, though evidence of cheating it does not.
Note that the very Jennifer aniston started to communicate with ex-husband, who left her for beauty Angelina Jolie. After the divorce, pitt keeps calling Jen and they meet.