Рианна засветила голую грудь во время прогулки

The singer seems to have decided to wear less underwear. As it turned out, the “extra” items of clothing interfere with her not only on the red carpet, but in everyday life.

Rihanna was spotted in SOHO, new York, in a spectacular, but very open outfit. The star seems to have completely forgotten the existence of the bra, but with great responsibility came to the choice of cowards.

The flamboyant star appeared on the streets of new York in a luxury toilet Gucci, sheer lace composes a stunning emerald hue. The only underwear that this evening, Ri-Ri opted for, was black g-string with a high rise. Thus, paparzzi, and any onlookers, this time held in the street, were able to witness the charms of the singer.

Despite the straightforwardness of the outfit, some fashion critics acknowledged that the way Rihanna turned out almost perfect thanks to the choice of accessories. Barbadian pop star complements the unusual attire with a pair of necklaces in chains and a bag of metallic leather and fancy shoes with a ribbon tie closure.

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