Екатерина Климова не пытается наряжаться для нового мужа

The actress was first released along with her second husband, actor Gela Meskhi, and two sons.

Ekaterina Klimova visited for a special screening of the film “Alice in Wonderland” in the galleries “Vremena goda”. Company star has made up her two sons from the marriage with Igor Petrenko, the Roots and Matthew, and also the third husband of Gela Meskhi. For the event, Klimov chose a very modest and simple attire.

On a special children’s show actress has appeared in light-blue jeans, white espadrilles and a cozy gray cardigan. Catherine complements the image of a roomy beige bag and a delicate silver pendant. Let the squad of stars it was difficult to call a luxury or ultra-fashionable, she really was to face. Apparently, Klimov’s not trying to dress up in sexy dresses and studs for a new husband, preferring a much more home sets.

Recall that Ekaterina Klimova and Gela Meskhi were married in June of 2015. In November of the same year the couple had a daughter, whom they named Bela. For Yekaterina Klimova is the fourth child and third marriage.

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