Rihanna ignores ex-boyfriend

Рианна игнорирует бывшего бойфренда

Bad boy Chris brown has not ceased to attract the attention of a former lover – Barbadian singer Rihanna is to the person. In a recent interview the singer has described how he was preparing to propose to his beloved, with which, according to him, wanted to live life. And at the same time, insiders have let slip that Chris is kind of beat and distorted with the sole purpose to attract the attention of Rihanna.

“Chris just wanted to Rihanna, it drew attention. It was the only purpose of his “revelations”, but it didn’t work. Rihanna felt this game she never intended to play. She hasn’t called him, texted, did nothing of what Chris hoped.
He was disappointed because he was confident her feelings for him, and they were in the past,” — said the insider.
As it became known, if earlier, Ri-Ri and Chris from time to time communicated that now the singer is trying to stay away from him.
“She knows that she should close that Chapter of your life once and for all. Chris still sends her messages, but she just ignores them and leaves unanswered,” — said the insider.
Recall that Rihanna and brown seemed the perfect couple until the day in 2009 when Chris brutally beat her, leaving living space on a beautiful face. It’s hard to believe, but after this bitter experience, the girl gave him another chance. Brown didn’t and the couple broke up again. Despite the breakup, insiders from both sides say from time to time that the singer and the singer have for each other strong feelings.