“Ducktales” will be continued

«Утиные истории» получат продолжение

For children of the 90s have some good news: Disney has published on its YouTube channel updated theme song of the animated series “ducktales” and announced the re-issue of the beloved series.

As it became known, in August this year on channel Disney XD will the new episodes of the animated series. The first series will be presented on August 12 in the form of one-hour TV show and will be broadcast during the day. The following episodes are a little (and adult) viewers will see 23 September.

It is reported that all the favorite characters — Donald Duck, pilot Zigzag Mackrack, Flintheart Glomgold(a sworn enemy of Scrooge) and band of brothers Gavs will appear in the continuation of kultproekt. Voice of Donald Scrooge in continuation of the series would be David Tennant.
Recall that the series “ducktales” was presented in 100 series, and in the bottom of the feature film “ducktales: the precious lamp”.