Гонщик насмерть сбил балерину Мариинского театра Honored artist of Russia, the oldest teacher cultural institutions Olga Iskanderova was the victim of a road accident on the Nevsky prospect. On 18 June she was hit by a car moving at a speed of 114 km per hour. The woman was lost. But the tragedy became known only now because the ballerina she lived all alone.
Гонщик насмерть сбил балерину Мариинского театра

Tragic news came from St. Petersburg. In mid-June, the 18th, in the Northern capital, happened dorozhno-transport incident in which killed a teacher of Mariinsky theatre, the 74-year-old Olga Iskanderova. According to local media, about the morning dancer crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing near his home on the Nevsky Prospekt when she was hit by a car “Toyota Supra”, the car was traveling at speeds over 100 kilometers per hour.

Гонщик насмерть сбил балерину Мариинского театра

Olga Dmitrievna lived alone a long time, in the heart of the city, on Kazanskaya street. So just now became aware of the tragedy. On the website of the Mariinsky theatre is still no official information, however, social networks her students mourn and Express condolences to all who knew her.

Iskenderov was born in Leningrad in the blockade in 1943. Entered the service in the Leningrad theater of Opera and ballet. Kirov immediately after graduating from the Vaganova school. Later returned to Alma mater, where he began his teaching career. The last 20 years Olga Dmitrievna helped to learn the art of ballet to young dancers at the Mariinsky theatre. In August this year, Olga Iskanderova would have turned 75 years.

As established CCTV cameras, Olga D. was crossing the road on a green light, but when I got to the middle, lit up red. However, this does not remove the responsibility of the driver for the incident. Identity committed impact, installed, now 28-year-old native of Vladivostok Ivan Yarochkin is under recognizance not to leave. Law enforcement agencies opened a criminal case on 264-th article of the Criminal code “Violation of traffic rules, entailed on imprudence death of the person”.

About a young man little is known. He lives in St. Petersburg and very often violates the rules of accident – arockin a lot of fines for speeding, according to fontanka.ru