Орбакайте, Седокова и Борисова: как звезды делили детей с экс-супругами Parting with her husband, every celebrity hopes that the divorce will take place peacefully. Often, however, the gap of the spouses accompanied by public scandal. For example, Anna Sedokova only recently managed to come to amicable agreement about custody of six-year-old daughter. In such situations, turned out to be a star.
Орбакайте, Седокова и Борисова: как звезды делили детей с экс-супругами

The life of the rich and famous is not as sweet as it might seem at first glance. Sometimes they have to face serious challenges: painful breakups, betrayals, and resolve issues with whom the child will live children. Very often, problems in their families become public.

Milan and Alexander Kerzhakova

Information about discord in the family of the deceased daughter of Senator Vadim Tyulpanov and the athlete appeared a year ago, however, Milan denied such speculation. Recently the wife of Milan called “fallen” and “unworthy of respect” person, and during one of the “live broadcasts” in Instagram, arranged after a long silence, suddenly said: Kerzhakov took away her son. To see his heir, Milan had to admit his sanity. A young mother was confused; she didn’t know where she should apply it to be solved peacefully. Some time ago she was determined to divorce. In the end, it turned out that Milan really did drugs for a short time, — Kerzhakov has found the strength to admit to it publicly. Husband went to meet her and promised that a son would live with mom if she will undergo treatment.

Milan Kerzhakov: “Sasha promised that the son will live with me”

Today many who follow the troubled history of Milana and her husband, compare it with the situation that exists with the former beloved player, Ekaterina Safronova. Some believe that Alexander does not know how to choose a women others believe: Kerzhakov is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Noteworthy: with the first wife, Mary, the athlete was able to leave peacefully. The former couple still keep in touch with each other, but the themes of their communication are reduced to raising the General’s daughter Darya.

Орбакайте, Седокова и Борисова: как звезды делили детей с экс-супругами

Ekaterina Safronova and Aleksandr Kerzhakov

Ex-wife of hockey player Kirill Safronov Kate met a successful player in 2010. Three years later Alexander and Catherine’s son was born. The boy barely a year old, like lovers, began misunderstanding in the family, which later resulted in a big scandal: Kerzhakov accused Safronov in drug addiction, forbidden to see his son and, in the end, limited her parental rights. A young mother tried to challenge Alexander but was not able to achieve this: she didn’t see his successor in 2014.

“Last time I saw my son when he was a year old. He is now five. So consider. Kerzhakov does not allow me to communicate with the child under any circumstances,” said Catherine in a recent interview.

It is noteworthy that the first daughter Safronova, Sonia, also lives with her father, Kirill Safronov and his current family, but sometimes still comes to visit mom. Two years ago, Safronov gave birth to her third child, a daughter. New lover, Catherine became a businessman who loves his beloved. Finally, she became truly happy.

Орбакайте, Седокова и Борисова: как звезды делили детей с экс-супругами

Anna Sedokova and Maxim Cherniavsky

Last year the singer became a mother for the third time. All children of a celebrity were born from different men. Anna Sedokova recently admitted in public that couldn’t tell a long time: ex-husband businessman Maxim Cherniavsky, can take away her daughter, Monica:

“For eight months, I have no possibility normally to communicate with her, just be there. Her father, a man I trusted, turned against me war. Maxim decided to deprive me of my parental rights and I absolutely do not understand why. I never forbade him to see her, to take her. Maxim and his grandmother took Monica to America and went to court”.

At this time, the singer has the right to see the child in the presence of social work. While it is not known whether Sedokova to return the right to the judicial proceedings that take place in the United States, takes more than one month. The singer is forced to work to pay for lawyers. Cherniavsky’s mother has recently spoken about this in the social network. The woman was sure Sedokova’t care about Monica.

A few days ago but this difficult situation was resolved peacefully, the two sides signed a settlement agreement. Now, Monica will go to America and spend vacation with her mother.

Anna Sedokova and Maxim Chernyavsky decided the issue of custody over the daughter

“Happiness is, and I’m also very happy, a settlement agreement was signed! Monica is already in the plane, flying to Cyprus to me. And July 19 will be a big celebration, Monet, 7 years old, and mom is preparing to celebrate. I’m sure it will be something big for Tiny, her mom is able. I think you’ll see it all on her page. Thanks to everyone who helped me, supported, however, it was difficult for me, thank you very much, good for you,” wrote the mother Cherniavsky in the social network.
Орбакайте, Седокова и Борисова: как звезды делили детей с экс-супругами

Dana Borisova and Maxim Aksenov

Recently, the name of the presenter and then glimpsed in the scandalous chronicle. Relatively recently, a woman underwent treatment for drug dependence in Thailand, and, returning home, found that her ex-boyfriend, Maksim Aksenov, is unwilling to return to her daughter Pauline, moreover, according to Borisova, sets the girl against her. Aksenov appealed to the court and intended to require the alimony on the maintenance of the child. More recently, the relationship between Dana and Maxim adjusted somewhat: Borisova had the opportunity to see more of Pauline. However, according to Borisova, the point of this story is still very early.

“Often you ask, Paula now lives with you? No, she lives with dad, the courts have not yet ended, but I don’t want them to continue. Still, so far not solved my housing problem, to take Paula on a rented apartment isn’t an option, but we are now almost 50: 50 deal with it, and while on holiday in Crete I heard from her: “Mommy, only you understand me”. Thank you for believing that we will be together, it just happened,” shared Dana the other day with his subscribers.

Орбакайте, Седокова и Борисова: как звезды делили детей с экс-супругами

Yana Rudkovskaya and Viktor Baturin

About ten years ago, the producer sued her husband is a millionaire because of two sons. Yana Rudkovskaya, said that the ex-husband took away her children and gives her the opportunity to see them. Yana was the most inconsiderate, to see their heirs.

“I took more than 200 vessels. He promised me that I will only “donkey ears”, so to them I live. Buchanan spent a lot of money to fight me, he unjustly served. He was involved in the war with me, and began to make mistake after mistake. But money is one thing. What nerves had been spent. It was hell” — shared Rudkovskaya.

And recently, Ian stood up for Alexander Kerzhakov in conflict with the current wife. After that, the producer of the barrage of indignation. Many thought that Rudkovskaya unfairly covers football, because at the time it was in place Milana Kerzhakova. Celebrity did not remain silent, and noted that it is currently in a wonderful relationship with Viktor Baturin, they are often talking about the education of children, moreover, they were able to learn from your conflict and understand that it is best to negotiate peacefully.

Yana Rudkovskaya: “Kerzhakov has offered his wife to resolve the conflict peacefully”

Орбакайте, Седокова и Борисова: как звезды делили детей с экс-супругами

Ksenia Novikova and Andrey Sereda

At the time, the soloist of group “Brilliant” was happily in a relationship with a businessman. For the sake of the beloved Kseniya Novikova left the successful at that time a musical group and has dedicated himself to the family. Xenia and Andrew had two children, and seem, nothing foretold troubles. The joint life of the couple did not work: the singer publicly accuse Andrew in alcohol abuse and violence towards her. Novikov was quick to part with Sereda. Old lovers initially agreed quite peaceful: the father had the opportunity sometimes to bring children, but after the next meeting with the heirs of Andrew simply did not return them Xenia.

“According to the beeps, I realized that he is abroad. Later found out that he took our children to London. How he did it — I still don’t understand. A legitimate way it is hardly possible: children’s passports have remained with me, permission for departure of sons abroad, I did not give”, — Novikov shared with the public.

Andrew hastened to excuse himself in an interview assured the public that the children he was not kidnapped, but everything he says and does Xenia — her PR managers.

The story ended with the fact that Novikov returned sons, she often posts pictures with Bohdan and Myron.

Орбакайте, Седокова и Борисова: как звезды делили детей с экс-супругами

Yevgeny Kafelnikov and Maria Tishkov

In the late 90s a famous tennis player tied the knot with the beautiful model. Yevgeny Kafelnikov and Maria Tishkov lived together for three years, during this time, they had a daughter Alesia. The divorce caused a lot of noise: they could not share a child in common. At the time of Tishkova pop up unpleasant facts, which was on the arm of the athlete. Moreover, at the time Kafelnikov was much better off his wife. In the end, Alesya went to live with dad.

“We are already strangers. When Masha wants to be with her daughter, she calls my parents,” said Eugene community.

A few years later, Kafelnikov and Tishkova still managed to establish a relationship: together they appeared at some of the events, which were accompanied by Ales. At this time, the heiress of the athlete tries himself as a model, but became popular not only because of the famous father and achievements in the modeling field, but also a controversial reputation. Relatively recently Ales admitted drug addiction, and moreover, she suffered from anorexia and bulimia to bring your body to ideal. As it turned out, Kafelnikov was afraid not to justify the expectations of his father, which ultimately led to tragic consequences.

Ales Kafelnikov decided on a public confession

Орбакайте, Седокова и Борисова: как звезды делили детей с экс-супругами

Kristina Orbakaite and Ruslan Baysarov

The singer at the time was forced to fight his former lover, who fraudulently took their son Denis. Kristina Orbakaite and Ruslan Baysarov lived together for five years, but Baisarov during this time I could not put up with the public life of his beloved. One day he, in a jealous rage, picked up on Christine’s hand. Orbakajte have not forgiven this man and broke up with him. The singer was banned a former lover to see his son, but the mayor decided to raise the child without the mother’s participation and secretly took him to his home in Chechnya. Christine made so that the case has received a wide resonance. After numerous lawsuits, the singer was able to get my son back, and more recently, the conflict parties signed a peace agreement.

Kristina Orbakaite afraid of going back to violence

At this time, Christine is happily married to Mikhail Zemtsov. The couple has a daughter Claudia. The eldest son Orbakaite, Nikita, born in relations with Vladimir Presnyakov, last year married. As for Denis, he currently devotes all his time studying.