Revva and Loboda became the new leading “eagle and Tails”

Ревва и Лобода стали новыми ведущими «Орла и Решки»
Guide show continues on the new “face” of the project.

Ревва и Лобода стали новыми ведущими «Орла и Решки»

Svetlana Loboda

Photo: Press service of “Friday!”

Svetlana Loboda and Alexander Revva became leading travel show “heads and Tails” on TV
“Friday!”. This pair may be one of the most striking and extraordinary in history
the project “heads and Tails”. There is no doubt that Alexander and Svetlana will perfectly work in
frame. In real life the couple enjoyed warm friendships that
repeatedly became the reason for rumors about a romantic connection.

sure, watch the adventures of such a “hot” pair will be incredibly interesting
and including the “eagle and Tails” viewers have not seen. As stand sex symbols
the Russian show-business the test of one hundred dollars, sleeping in hostels and mode
total savings? If fortune is not on your side, the popularity in “the eagle and
The tails” will not help: you’ll have to travel as a normal budget tourist.
However, the owner of a gold card is waiting for a luxurious Royal stay. What
want to spend the money are people who like to relax nicely?

We will remind, after resignation
project Regina Todorenko, the creators of the “eagle and Tails” puzzled search for a new leading.
At this time, the role holders unlimited and red backpack with a hundred
dollars, it was decided to invite celebrities — singers, actors, and

Alexander Revva

Photo: Press service of “Friday!”