Aglaia Tarasova starred in the movie pregnant

Аглая Тарасова снялась в фильме беременной
The actress has performed the lead role in the directorial debut of Dasha Carusi.

Аглая Тарасова снялась в фильме беременной

Aglaia Tarasova

Photo: Press service

Singer and composer Dasha Caruso, who performed a major role in the sensational film Ilya of Naishuller
“Hardcore”, he directed his first short film “a Good day”.
Directorial debut Dashi was held in the framework of the project Yandex.Taxi Medialab.
The film Studio took Elijah Naishuller Versus Pictures, and
produced by Ekaterina Kononenko. One of the main roles in the film
performed Aglaya Tarasova, which first appeared in the role of a pregnant

In the story of a young taxi driver Abdullah sits pregnant
the girl Lena, which is about to depart the water. First, a young man has
learn to speak in the name of “Mishan” (Lena so familiar), and then make
childbirth in extreme conditions, that is familiar to every Muscovite traffic.
Road congestion, including one foreigner and one pensioner,
also have to take part in the operation. “Good day,” his directorial debut
singer and actress Dasha Carusi in the genre of short romantic Comedy.

“This is my
first fiction short film, — tells Dasha Caruso. — What could be
better? It is an invaluable experience with one of the best teams in this area
which cannot be bought for any money. This experience gives me an understanding of
if I want to be a Director and, of course, that anything is possible. I think
humanism, and the absence of racial prejudice – those ideas that we
as artists, need to broadcast. Life imitates art,
so all that people see on screens and TV, is brought to life. And
if we speak about love to people, that we all want happiness and
the understanding of human history, then it will be to graduate from
further in society.”

The question of whether to participate in the making of the film head Versus
Pictures and husband Dasha Ilya Naishuller, she replied: “Rarely
close to genius. Me, moreover, that had been close to him
to come up, so was lucky to work with him. Ilya wasn’t on the court, he
busy right now on their shots. All he could do is comment
my scenario and practical solutions related to the storyboard. I think
that’s the beauty of working with a mentor, in that he did not interfere, and
just giving you advice”.

Other films made for the project Medialab, you will see
on the site where later will be
information about the start of the all-Russian screenwriting contest, which will
selected 5 scenarios. The winners of the screenwriting competition will have the opportunity
to shoot his debut film the grant awarded Medialab, under
the leadership of one of the star mentors.

Daria Caruso

Photo: Press service