Reviews of the first series of “Game of thrones”: sluggish and boring

Отзывы о первой серии «Игры престолов»: вяло и скучно

Needless to say that fans of science-fiction Saga was looking forward to this day for a year. Monday, 25 April, came the series premiere of the sixth season of “Game of thrones”. But if you continue waiting for?

To begin with, wanting to see the premiere were so many that one of the largest online movie theaters are just stuck! On other sites was about the same. At the end of ten minutes I had to just press on Рlay, until a habitual saver.

I’ll tell you: the first series was a disappointment. Suppose that the creators of the series so far allow us to gain air into the lungs before a powerful jerk. Well, until they were forced to languish and wonder. In the first picture answered the question, who was plagued by fans. Yes, Jon snow is dead!

The only memorable moment, perhaps, was a shocking transformation Melisandre. In the final episode she takes off her jewelry and visibly frail woman! Beautiful lady, her, was, only enchanted jewelry…

Fans at Russian and foreign sites, expressed displeasure: “What kind of a retarded action, I expected more”, “Boring, did not watch”. But at the same time explain the lack of dynamics of the plot need to recall that it was last season.

Well, we can only hope that the second series creators will weather and will show us what we’ve been waiting for a year!

And now attention – spoiler! Other events of the first series.

— A blind beggar Arya stark finds on the streets the girl from Black-and-white house. Beats her with a stick and forces you to fight. And when Arya falls, exhausted, says “come back tomorrow”. What is it? New workouts?

— Daenerys Targaryen, the dragon fly from Myrina, is captured by tetracycl. At the risk of being raped, she reports that she is the Queen of Meereen, widow of the mighty Khal Drogo. Then it is accepted with all honours.

— Tyrion Lannister and the master of whisperers, who in recent years were close to Daenerys find themselves in a “trap” in the blazing fire of Myrina. After the disappearance of Daenerys in the troubled Kingdom rioting. Tyrion and master are running towards the Harbor, but I see that all the ships burnt.

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