Alla Pugacheva sat on a diet Pauline Dobrovol

Алла Пугачева села на диету Полины Дибровой
67-year-old singer took the example of 26-year-old housewife.

Polina Dibrova, Alla Pugacheva and the representative of the firm of cocktails

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Alla Pugacheva and Polina Dibrova known each other for quite a long time. Polina’s husband — Dmitry Dibrov, a good friend of the Divas. Polina and Dmitry often came to visit Alla Borisovna and Maxim Galkin in their castle in the suburban village of Mud. And recently Dibrova came to congratulate Pugachev happy birthday along with her children — 6-year-old Alexander and 2-year-old Fedor. Sasha and Fyodor became acquainted with the heirs of Pugacheva and Galkina — two-year Lisa and Harry. And if Alla Borisovna talked mostly with themselves Dobrovym, this time spoke exclusively with Pauline. The main theme, of course, was motherhood.

Let Polina and younger Divas for 40 years, but modern methods of child rearing holds no worse of Alla Borisovny. Both mom touched upon in conversation and women’s eternal themes — loss.

Alla Pugacheva has come to treat all kinds of diets a very long time. Pauline, a mother of three young children, want — not want — leads in shape after each pregnancy. She told an older friend a lot. Pugachev was impressed and asked Pauline to tell her about the diet in detail.

Pauline, who is fond of protein shakes, a few days brought home to Pugacheva leading specialist of the company, which itself cooperates. The test brought the singer a few cocktails of different composition and in detail told about how they should be used.

The meeting was held in a favorite room Pugacheva, a small Cabinet, decorated tree. It was previously a Smoking room of Alla Borisovny, but after the birth of children Pugacheva broke up with addiction and now just takes here business guests.

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