Вернется ли Мария Максакова в Россию после гибели мужа? The public is shocked by the murder of the wife of the star took place yesterday in the capital of Ukraine. Recall that Denis Boronenkov shot near the exit of the fashionable hotels. Many figures in politics and show business compassion for Mary Maksakova, shocked by the death of a loved one.

      Вернется ли Мария Максакова в Россию после гибели мужа?

      Thursday, March 23, in the center of Kiev shot the former Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Boronenkov, wife of the Opera singer Maria Maksakova. The man died on the spot, his bodyguard managed to wound the killer, was hospitalized and underwent a four-hour operation. Killer Boronenkov, too, was taken to hospital in a critical condition, after some time, he died.

      Maria Maksakova shocked by the recent tragic events. She fainted at the scene and declined to comment to the press. Many public figures and celebrities offer my condolences to the performer, which, according to unconfirmed reports, is on the fourth month of pregnancy. So, the artist was supported by the human rights activist Kate Gordon. In her opinion, only inhumane people can experience something other than sympathy for the widowed woman, preparing to become a mother.

      Maria Maksakova arrived and fainted. PHOTO. VIDEO

      In defense of Maria Maksakova spoke and presenter Alla Dovlatov, previously stood up for her in a live TV show.

      “Mary was expecting their fourth child and, like any pregnant woman, she is under the protection of God! But, judging by what opinions I see, I conclude that not everyone knows what happens to people who attack pregnant women. I just want to warn ignorant people and to warn them of serious trouble in life because their mind! After all, ignorance of the law is no excuse” – she wrote in his microblog.

      Note also that their condolences to the singer brought in the program “live”, released the previous evening. “Bury my husband and go back home, where you will find your audience,” said presenter Boris korchevnikov. Earlier, in one of the previous editions of the transmission Maksakova for the first time after leaving tried to answer questions from the public in a live TV show. The artiste said he misses his relatives who remained in Russia. By the way, according to some reports, the singer was able to come to Moscow a couple of weeks ago. About it the correspondent said the waitress in a restaurant located in the house Maksakova. The girl claims that the star allegedly recently had Breakfast at the school.

      Maria Maksakova is suffering due to separation from children

      Вернется ли Мария Максакова в Россию после гибели мужа?

      The performer is also supported by the political analyst Konstantin Kalachev, who wrote a post on the star on the page in social network Facebook.

      “Condolences Maksakova. The son grows up without a father. Speculation on the death of Boronenkov will be a lot. Decent people have in such a situation, just shut up, but experts to remember that they are people too,” said the man.
      Вернется ли Мария Максакова в Россию после гибели мужа?

      In addition, publication in support of the singer made the journalist Bozena Rynska.

      “Maria Maksakova seem to be pregnant. Her great sympathy. It really is a pity”, – she wrote.

      To a number of colleagues joined leading astrologer Vasilisa Volodina. “Murder is always ugly. Regardless of the reasons and motives, the inevitability or chance events. I’m talking about yesterday’s murder of Denis Boronenkov”, – she wrote in microblogging.

      In turn, the writer Lyudmila Ulitskaya, analyzing public opinion on social networks, asked the Internet users to stop lynching. In his column in one of the online publications the woman urged people to be tolerant, because death, like life, deserves respect.

      Their romance began in Japan: a love story of Maria Maksakova and Denis Boronenkov

      Earlier, heated discussions were aroused by the phrase mother of Maria Maksakova, Ludmila. “Well, thank you, Lord, what about him? Thank God that in the end the person who was so meanly killed” – quoted woman journalists. Each actress Stanislav Sadalsky stood up for a friend in the radio station “Moscow Says”.

      “This is the first nervous reaction. Because, how much can you torment her? A protective reaction of the organism,” he said.

      By the way, according to one, children of Maria Maksakova from a previous relationship with Vladimir Tyurin are with the father. About it journalists were reported by the actress Natalia Selezneva. The woman also refused to comment on the offences of the former civil husband of the actress. At the same time, other sources told reporters that the singer, on the contrary, has deprived the former lover of communication with the heirs.

      Add that a day after the death of Denis Boronenkov appeared in the media new details of high profile incidents. So, the press published the name of the alleged killer and his photo. According to law enforcement officials, Boronenkov the killer had an accomplice who fled the scene of the crime on the Daewoo. A number of publications claimed that the politician shot Paul Parsow, are wanted. They were joined by representatives of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine.

      Despite these data, the suspect’s lawyer has denied this information. According to the woman, with her client all right, and he’s not involved in the shooting of a political figure.

      “Don’t know about recruited. About the killer, too, know nothing. And the one who was declared wanted by the river in 2012 for 205, 209 (articles — Approx. ed.) called yesterday and said that his reason through “Vkontakte” attack pieces of eight journalists. Including from Russia. What’s going on, he doesn’t understand. While he drove, I found out in our media that he is a killer, and that he was already dead. When arrived was surprised,” said lawyer Elena Krechetnikov in social networks.

      Later it became known that the charges of a lawyer is not Paul Parsow, and a completely different person. It turned out that his name is Andrey Mandryka. As it turned out, the error occurred.

      “That kind of nonsense. I never claimed that my client Paul Parsow. It was about a man named Andrey Mandryka. It was also during this period, wanted on the same charges. And yesterday, attacked journalists,” — said the lawyer.

      Husband of Maria Maksakova shot in Kiev. PHOTO

      Then it turned out that wards women is the namesake of the alleged killer. More information about the real killer said a member of the Board of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko. He confirmed information previously encountered in the press. According to men, the crime was committed by a citizen of Ukraine Parsow Pavel. According to Gerashchenko, he was born in Sebastopol in 1988.

      Guard Boronenkov, who underwent a serious operation, still can not help the investigation in connection with a medical condition. It is reported that at the time of the crime is another bodyguard of the deceased was next to Maria Maksakova, which said the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko, who miraculously survived.

      According to the TV channel “112”, eyewitnesses reconstruct past events. According to them, the killer was waiting for Boronenkov near the exit of the hotel. Once the Deputy and his guard appeared from the corner of Bulvar Shevchenko, the attacker opened fire in their direction. The bodyguard of the deceased, as alleged, acted quickly after the second shot he immediately began to call for help.

      It is also known that the funeral of Denis Boronenkov will be held in Kiev. About it the correspondent said the ex-Deputy of the state Duma Ilya Ponomarev, for a meeting which went lost.