Виктория Толстоганова спасла зрителей от пожара The actress has been able to prevent the tragedy. During one of the performances Tolstoganova remained calm despite the fact that the scene burned equipment. Birthday stars her colleague Dmitry Ulyanov told about the incident.

      Виктория Толстоганова спасла зрителей от пожара

      In the late 90s to buy a ticket to a theatrical production was almost impossible. People till some hours stood in mile-long queues at the box office to get on the show with your favorite actor. Artists, in turn, for the audience is that unwavering faith paid off an unmistakable and brilliant acting.

      24 Mar actress Victoria Tolstoganova will celebrate 45 years. She still remembers the main rule of any speech, which taught her teachers GITIS and VGIK: “Keep going according to the script, that would not have happened!” On of Vika’s dedication, even in extreme conditions says her friend, actor Dmitry Ulyanov:

      “We met in the Center of drama and directing in the late 90’s. Both were involved in the staging of Kirill Serebrennikov’s “Plasticine”. This show was fashionable, got a lot of publicity, and our troupe went on tour around the world. One day we were invited to Minsk to perform in the National theater. Yanka Kupala. The news of his arrival was immediately spread through town, the tickets sold out in just a day. Such a rush we didn’t expect…
      Виктория Толстоганова спасла зрителей от пожара

      …Wages were small, we decided to save on tickets, flew on a plane, and several hours of shaking in the train. At the station in Belarus, we were met by representatives of the theater. They helped bring the bags to the machines. The location of the hotel, we went for a walk around the city. The performance was the evening of the same day. About five minutes before the third bell, I looked out from behind the scenes – the hall was Packed. Under the applause of the audience we began the enterprise… we had rehearsed, has always played without any stuttering and excitement. About the middle of the play I noticed that Vika is one of the actors said his line, looks around. Didn’t realize this, thought that the neck she was sick, so I decided to twist the head. After 10 minutes, again looked at Tolstoganova.

      In her eyes you could see worry and panic. According to the script, our heroes went into the background of the scene. Then I whispered: “Vic what’s wrong?” She said quietly: “don’t you feel that something burnt?” I sniffed, except the smell of fresh pastries from the nearby canteen felt nothing. But Victoria insisted: “I’m telling you something somewhere was on fire!”
      Виктория Толстоганова спасла зрителей от пожара

      We again moved closer to the audience, and Vic continued to play, seemingly forgetting about suspicions. But it shoots the eyes and on the sides. Suddenly she catches my gaze and carefully so no one noticed, pointing up. I threw back his head, looking to the ceiling wiring is burning. Later we were told that first they blew the dust on the lights, and then everything went on the wire.

      But during his speech, thoughts were not about the causes of fire, only the question: “What to do?” The flames were already spreading across the instrument, suspended from the ceiling. All the equipment was plastic, hot drops of it began to drip. Vika was elegantly moved around the stage and peretaptyvalis their bare feet, the flame is not ignited, because the wooden floor. Some of the audience began to pay attention to the ceiling, whispering, pointing.

      But apparently, thought it was one of the planned parts of the presentation. After all, the play was directed by the talented Director Kirill Serebrennikov, his work was always distinguished by the experiments. The actors, too, have noticed emergency fire show, but as if nothing had happened continued to play.

      “Guys, we’re on fire! What shall we do?” – asked Vick to colleagues in the General dance. In response, only shrugged. Flaming drops began to fall already in the first row, viewers from fear jumped up from the ground. It smelled fried. Tolstoganova understand that if you do not inform about the fire, it will all start to suffocate from carbon monoxide, and there, God forbid, and even the roof will collapse. Victoria all this time playing the villain.

      After a few dance moves, she was in the middle of the stage. The comfort of the image, appealed to all present: “Dear spectators! Thank you for coming to our show! But, to my regret, we’re on fire!” At these words the people wildly shouting knocked out. We decided to quickly leave the building through the back door. People ran out of the room in a panic, someone thought to call the fire truck. It arrived quickly, the fire was extinguished within minutes, no one was hurt. However, it required good repair. Spectators are asked not to throw out the purchased tickets. After the restoration, in about a year, we arrived with the same performance. Then played it without extreme accident and tore the long-awaited applause!”