СМИ сообщили о госпитализации Михаила Жигалова According to some reports, the actor has a heart problem. As written a number of publications, he will undergo long treatment. Agent Mikhail Vasilyevich Tatiana said, feels like a movie star.

      A number of publications reported that the star of the series “Junior” Mikhail Zhigalov was hospitalized in a Moscow clinic. According to media reports, 74-year-old actor was in the hospital because of heart problems.

      Reportedly, the man placed in the hospital. A source in the medical establishment said that doctors performed the necessary tests and diagnosed Zhigalova serious heart disease. The actor was prescribed a course of long treatment, he was able to fully recover and get back to work. Later, however, the agent of a movie star has denied the information about his hospitalization. The woman noted that the state of health of Mikhail Vasilyevich was not serious.

      “Definitely not, we had already talked on the phone today and it feels good, at home now. Yesterday he played the show, we had a day a lot of time talking, and now no health problems, thank God, no”, – explained Tatiana.

      As told by agent Nation News, the actor did not complain. Judging by the pictures fans Zhigalov in social networks, he was playing in the theater almost every day.

      Later, Maxim Vitorgan indirectly confirmed that with a colleague is all right. The actor posted a picture and announced the play “the Cherry orchard” in which viewers will be able to see Mikhail on Friday evening.

      By the way, Mikhail Zhigalov is already being prepared for its anniversary. Recently, an elderly man made the repairs in a country house where he could gather friends for a celebration in honor of the 75th anniversary. Team program “a Perfect repair” has helped the movie star to create a cozy atmosphere. “Do I like it? It is not the word! Some feeling of unreality! Huge thanks to the team “Perfect repair”. Wow, and we begin to live in the new house!” – shared his impressions of Mikhail Vasilyevich.

      Despite his advanced age, honored artist of the RSFSR continued to play on stage and to actively act in kinoserialov. The young audience Zhigalov remembered for his role as coach of the Bears Stepan Zharsky Junior team. Mikhail Vasilyevich played in more than 110 films including such famous paintings as the “Turkish March”, “Officers”, “Brigade” and “the Border: the taiga novel”.