Николай Басков заставил студентов петь в его любимых позах The artist gave a two-hour master class, in which shared experience. The Golden voice of Russia has found an approach to each student and have worked on their technique. According to Nikolai Baskov, he inherited a very talented and hardworking pupils.

      Николай Басков заставил студентов петь в его любимых позах

      Perhaps many do not know, but Nicholas is not only a popular singer and presenter, but strict Professor. For five years he teaches vocal in Moscow state pedagogical University. Last week, the artist gave a master class, which showed that sometimes it’s better to sing in unexpected poses.

      “Vocal lessons is always exercise, – has shared with “StarHit” the Basque. During the eight years I took private lessons from the great Opera diva Montserrat Caballe. For an unenlightened person it looked specific. I was lying on the floor on her back and on her stomach, where the diaphragm is, she gave me a pancake from a bar weighing ten pounds. Breathing on a particular technique.

      When I first started it to do, the first thing she brought to the master class was anatomy. The vocalist is very good should know your body, where you can click, move, and breathe properly is an art. What I showed to the students – not the worst. But it is the basis of vocal lessons.

      Guys I have a beautiful, inspired, they want to learn, go to your goal. I respect them for their obstinacy and patience. I think that we should be stricter, working on it, but they say that I’m a demanding teacher. Can up in the morning to protonemata, if you think it’s necessary.”

      Николай Басков заставил студентов петь в его любимых позах

      It was hard not to notice the enthusiastic sparkle in the eyes of the disciples of Nicholas, when he answered questions or knelt, showing how to play a particular note. The Basque on this topic jokes: “if I Fall in love with a student? Probably. But it is not recognized. Importantly, as a teacher I was useful to them”.