Natalia Vodianova came to the defense of Yulia Samoilova

Наталья Водянова встала на защиту Юлии Самойловой The model is outraged by the situation with the “Eurovision”. The contestant from Russia was denied entry to Ukraine, which caused a wide resonance. Natalia Vodianova spoke in support of the actress and called people to the world.

      Famous model Natalia Vodianova can’t believe that Russia will not participate in “Eurovision” this year. The contestant Yulia Samoilova was denied entry to Ukraine, where the competition is held. Later, the European broadcasting Union offered the girl to arrange a remote presentation, but rossiyayskie side has not agreed to such terms.

      Vodianova regrets that Julia will not get to a music competition. Celebrity has posted a post in a social network of support. The star of the catwalk came up with the hashtag #euronavigacija, which was supported by other Network users.

      “How is this possible? My heart bleeds, although only a week ago was filled with happiness to learn that “Eurovision” Russia will be represented by the beautiful Julia Samoylova. I didn’t even think about the fact that the host country – Ukraine, and Julia could become a hostage in political games, which we all lose,” said Natalia.

      Subscribers models from different countries began briskly to discuss the statement Vodianova. “I also feel sorry for her!”, “People like Julia are not to be pitied. They deserve only respect”, “don’t Even believe it at first when I heard this news! Thought it was a bug! Unbelievable, where everything goes!”, “Julia, do not despair, she is good,” wrote a follower.

      By the way, later, First channel stated that the shooting will be able to take part in “Eurovision-2018”. The artist tries not to lose heart. The girl persists in practicing, hoping for the best. According to Yulia, she is very funny to watch this situation from the outside, and it is unclear why she was afraid of the country holding the competition. The stars of show-business and politics stood up for Julia Samoylova

      Some celebrities said that they are not surprised at this situation event, because international competition became not musical, but political.

      “Do you really think that Ukraine’s refusal was to someone as a surprise? And when the party started, did not think about this move? Thought, moreover, were waiting for him. So all according to plan. As for Julia, so she was lucky. Yet none of the participants of “Eurovision” has not been in this status for a year and a half! Gift for artist”, – shared his opinion of the radio host Roman Emelyanov.