Вернуть форму: 39 вещей для занятий спортом на улице и в зале

The holidays have passed, and the extra pounds left. On vacation, of course, find it difficult to indulge in delicious salads and Christmas cakes, but spring is closer than you think, but because now is the time to return to sports activities to celebrate the season of mini skirts and swimwear in the best physical shape.

If the fitness at the office not yet included in the benefits package, it is necessary to take the situation into their own hands, besides splurging on an expensive gym membership is not necessarily — log-in sport mode you can with a workout on the street once Epiphany frosts have not yet promise, and classes at the gym, which many seem to be quite boring, it is possible to replace swimming.

SPLETNIK.RU collected 39 things that can fill up your closet with sports equipment.

Tops and pants



Insulated things

Do you go for sports?

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