Змеи, черепахи и Африка: 10 главных модных трендов 2019 года по версии Pinterest

Kim Kardashian / still from the film “the Black Panther”

Shows of seasonal collections is, of course, good, but in the world of fashion has long been not clear what happens before: inspiration of a designer or a selfie of influencer.

Today, trends are born not only in the Studio but on the street it is no coincidence that street style and fashion subcultures have such an impact on the development of the fashion industry, with elements of sports and functional clothing or traditions of hip-hop and rap flirting not only young brands and luxury brands. Request trends often comes from consumers, and designers, of course, keenly watching the attitudes of their clientele. The Pinterest site has analyzed user requests and made his prediction for the main fashion trends of 2019.

1.Bomber bamboo

These bags are filled Instagram this summer! Wicker or wooden plates, they seem to fit into the wardrobe of every self-respecting fashionista. And, apparently, the buyers only got a taste. Experts predicted that the replacement of these bags will come in a miniature woven bags made of plastic, but they still have to wait in the wings. According to Pinterest, the number of queries about bamboo handbags grew 2 215 percent!

2.Sneakers remain

Although the trend for ugly shoes already pretty tired, and designers already seems to be probing all the possible limits of this very ugly trend in sports footwear is clearly not going to say goodbye to us. Sneakers slowly but surely took the fashion niche had bags and shoes — this detail image is the original statement (the fact that English mods so aptly call statement).

And if fashionista generation Carrie Bradshaw was postponed from the salary Manolo Blahnik, today friend from foe in the fashion world figure with the question “if you were Standing in line for Yeezy?”, but lay already on the latest Versace Squalo. Queries about running shoes rose 2 211 percent.

3.Ethnic prints

The effect of Meghan Markle has greatly influenced the fashion world last year, overshadowed, it seems, all the other processes. But the string of events was enough! For example, the premiere of the film “the Black Panther” (Black Panther) not only stirred moviegoers. The release of the film started a whole fashion movement, when the African peoples were coming to the shows in costumes with traditional fabrics and accessories, and Instagram, many have posted photos calling to emphasize their origin and often wear clothes like this.

It is not surprising that queries about traditional African prints (vibrant patterns are printed using the wax plates) increased by 229 percent.

4.Drapery it

The volume is set to — especially if we are talking about formal dress. To the figure-hugging cuts a La the combination of ladies seem to have cooled, and the minimalism of the cut becomes irrelevant. Save on fabric designers clearly do not succeed now in trend a variety of drapery and folds. Interest in him, judging by the queries in Pinterest grew by 108 per cent.

5.Stylish and luxurious? Wrap!

Whatever they dictated, with glossy pages and catwalks, to sacrifice comfort fashionista in the new year are not too eager. The more photo with different social events show that the beauty and comfort of things is quite a compatible. Dresses-gowns, dresses with the smell — that’s new favorite evening fashion. Such thematic inquiries rose by as much as 689%.

6.Second skin

If you imagine that the fashion industry is a jungle right now, there’s a snake defeated a leopard. No, you don’t have to squint from the bloody scenes — it’s just about perfect. After one of the most influential designers, Virgil Abloh added in the spring-summer collection for his brand Off-White dress snake print and Kim Kardashian immediately rushed to try it, experts immediately began to talk that this style will be a hit. And it did — requests-print snakeskin rose by 642 percent.

7.With eyes wide open

If you are not able to get a narrow dark glasses in the style of “the Matrix”, it is now not necessary. Replaced Neo go fashion! Large sunglasses massive plastic frame in the style of the 60’s — that’s what, apparently, you should get to a new beach season. The interest in such models, users of Internet increased by 591 percent.

8.Well, you and the turtle!

Contrary to jokes about the slowness, the turtle will help you to take off on a fashion top this year! Or rather, accessories in colors reminiscent of tortoiseshell cats. The combination of beige and brown can be applied to the jewelry and even manicures. Web users are already looking for inspirational pictures on Pinterest the number of requests increased by 679 percent.


Suspicion began to grow during the fashion Weeks of spring/summer of 2019, when Cycling shorts appeared even in the collections of Chanel, the fashion for these tight-fitting athletic shorts are still far from complete. The question is, whether will think of trendsetters how to beat this part of the wardrobe, or we will continue to wear them with boots, heels and jackets oversize. The answer network users looking hard — the number of queries in Pinterest grew by 1 323 percent.

10.Ethics and aesthetics

The trend of sustainable fashion gets into the minds of fashionistas may not be as fast as I would like defenders of the environment, but nevertheless the process is. The fashion house refuse to use fur and leather, the mass market actively implementing recycling systems and recycled materials, jewelry brands agree to talk frankly about the origin of precious stones and metals. In the subject you want to be Pinterest users requests on the topic of conscious consumption has increased by 34 percent.

And you are interested in any of these trends?

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