“Return can not be washed” Samsung withdraws and washing machine

«Вернуть нельзя стирать»: Samsung отзывает и стиральные машины

In October, the company announced the possible explosions of household appliances.

In light of recent news it turned out that the threat is not only cell phones but also… washing machine. Of course, like in the movie “home Alone”, spewing flames they start, but to explode, it has appeared, can. Samsung withdraws from the American market for over 2.8 million washing machines.

Representatives of the safety Commission consumer products USA has announced more than 700 consumer complaints.

During washing the washing machines were disconnected top cover. And in nine cases this led to physical injury. So one of the owners of cap… broke his jaw.

The causes are being investigated. But in the near future with the U.S. market be withdrawn 34 models of washing machines with vertical loading, which went on sale in 2011.

Earlier, the company recalled about one million smartphones Galaxy Note 7 due to reports of explosions of mobile phones. Subsequently, Samsung stopped production of this model. In this regard, the profit of the company decreased by 2.6 billion dollars.