Anna Kalashnikov rehearsed the wedding

Анна Калашникова отрепетировала свадьбу

However, while the actress tried on a wedding dress just for the catwalk.

Anna in a white dress, the veil, the cavalier in the arm under the slow music flitted around the rose petals… Still some couple of seconds and it should say the coveted “Yes”. But, alas, not this time! It was not the star to the altar, as one would decide on the video in her Instagram, but only on the catwalk. Anna agreed to be my model to present a new collection of his girlfriend.

“Words are not important, but no woman will be against the droplets of tenderness. Robert Heinlein. And I’d add: even the business woman so I want the tenderness of affection and care,” signed by the star touching movie.

But it should be noted that not all fans immediately saw the podium. Some genuinely happy for Anya and vengeance has sent her in the comments greetings and wishes a happy family life.

“Well, finally, Anya, be happy”, “I Hope he deserves you” – they wrote.

Recall that one Kalashnikov was going down the aisle. The groom, the singer Prokhor Chaliapin promised to throw the wedding of the century… But the ceremony was not to be. Learning in a live program that Anne’s son not from him, Prokhor severed all relations with the girl and already found comfort in the arms of a new friend.

Video posted by ANNA KALASHNIKOVA (@annakalash) Nov 4 2016 4:06 PDT