Рене Зеллвегер объяснила почему сделала перерыв в своей карьере

Рене Зеллвегер объяснила почему сделала перерыв в своей карьере

50-year-old Hollywood actress Renee Zellweger, who is known to the world due to his awkward but endearing heroine Bridget Jones, recently gave a short interview for the American edition. In conversation with journalists talking about her career break. The actress admitted that put work on pause forced.

Renee explained that a career break was not a spontaneous decision, she planned it for a long time. And all because the psychological condition of the woman required urgent assistance from the professionals, namely the therapist. It turns out intense acting schedule just cornered Zellweger, in addition to the work she didn’t see anything in my life. The actress wanted to do things she had never tried in his life, but his career was hampered. The body began to dwindle and health deteriorated.

In addition, the actress emphasized that she wanted to live a normal life of an ordinary person, without the constant commercials and filming. She wanted to talk with ordinary people, outside tours and programs. Renee noticed that she really likes communicating with different people who are engaged in very different activities than she is. When the actor disappears from the TV screens, it ceased to learn and discuss that with her. Celebrity said that this period of her life she could go to a cafe and drink a Cup of tea, no one asked for an autograph or a joint photo. The main goal during the break was career — arrangement of priorities in life, Rene is sure that if she continued to act, to get on with her life and failed.

This pause in your career and regular communication with different people, helped Rene Zellweger to return fully to the film industry. Recently on cinema screens released film “Judy” in which she played the main role. The film reveals the biography of American singer and actress, who unfortunately left this world at the age of 47 years. This film was released and became very successful, world-renowned film critics gave a lot of positive reviews.

We wish Renee and continue to delight the audience with their talent and believe that a woman can give this world is not one great role.

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