Кайли Дженнер наконец раскрывает тайну своего праздничного декора и рождественской елки

Christmas tree Kylie Jenner was so giant that required the help of a cohesive team! The rest of her holiday decorations were more modest, and the billionaire admitted that she bought a lot of their holiday decorations at target.
Christmas tree Kylie Jenner looks like it was brought straight from the North pole. 22-year-old billionaire continued the tradition of installing the giant Christmas trees in the festive season in 2019 and 18 Dec introduced its new record in its history in Instagram! After the creation of the Golden wood in 2018 CEO Kylie Cosmetics done this time is exactly the opposite, choosing this year’s classic green tree with dense branches. As for Christmas trees, it was still far from the status quo, with dozens of Golden lights tree and the amazing size (a tree has reached the second level of the mansion Kylie Hides hills, which in itself is already huge). For this tree required a team of at least four assistants, which you can see in the video Instagram-the history of Kylie.

Кайли Дженнер наконец раскрывает тайну своего праздничного декора и рождественской елки
“The process… we test!”, said Kylie in the video and showed that one of her assistants was none other than the artistic Director of the Four Seasons hotel George V in Paris and the location of the luxury hotel in Beverly hills. “Jeff Lytham here works wonders,” said Kylie, directing the camera man in the background of the decor, which is also known floral designer and an expert in the design of the holidays from KarJenners!
Kylie said that she chose “white decorations this year,” and also chose jewelry made of larger bubbles that have not yet hanged. Cosmetics magnate was still doubtful about them. “But I think I only like small decorations,” — said it in his video.

Кайли Дженнер наконец раскрывает тайну своего праздничного декора и рождественской елки
Kylie debuted with another Christmas tree in your blog on YouTube, published on 14 December, much more than the smaller version that you see above. Instead of artificial snow tree was decorated with red and green ornaments, this festive joy combined with the rest of the decorated room of her mansion!
Among the holiday props was a village on a Christmas theme with reindeer and toy machine, and Kylie did an amazing recognition. “I’m pretty sure it’s from Target. I got most of my stuff from Target,” said one of the richest men in America. It’s true — decorations included the Advent calendar and snow globe from the shop! The decor is pleased with year daughter Kylie Stormy Webster, which even instructed my mom to hug one of the statues of Santa Claus in the room.

Meanwhile, more experimental atmosphere of Kim Kardashian at her home in hidden hills were not so well approved. Fans compared the figures in her house with the “tampons” and many others that led to the fact that big sister Kylie zealously defended their unique jewelry on Ellen DeGeneres.

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