Renata Litvinova was the brunette

Рената Литвинова стала брюнеткой
The actress tried on the image serious ladies.

Photo: Instagram

Renata Litvinova many years ago decided on their own image. When her other colleagues were experimenting and trying to find herself, she already knew everything about themselves. But she and actress, not to be afraid to enter into new images, even the most unexpected.

For the photo shoot of L’officiel magazine Litvinov turned into an unexpected image of brunettes. One of the pictures the actress shared with fans by posting it on the pages of a personal blog. Fans noted that with this hair color Renata began to look simultaneously younger, more natural, but no less stylish than usual. “At first I thought that this archival photo from 15 years ago!” — said one of podeschi, and all the others with her agreed at once. However, there were those who compared Renata in this manner with Ludmila Prokofievna Kalugina (aka — Alisa Freundlich in “the Service novel”).

And some fans went further in his assumptions and decided that this hairstyle, the actress chose for a reason. It is no secret that Litvinov is one of the most loyal fans of his girlfriend — the singer Zemfira. And she has a very similar haircut!