Victoria Bonia feelings for Alex Smerfit: “I love him very much…”

Виктория Боня о чувствах к Алексу Смерфиту: «Я его очень люблю...»
The Russian star made a confession about the relationship with ex-boyfriend.

Victoria Bonia

Photo: @victoriabonya (Instagram Victoria Boni)

Fans of Victoria Boni still hope that she will reconcile with the father of her daughter — Alex Servicom. Fans periodically put forward the bold idea that perhaps the Russian model has returned to the ex-boyfriend. Bonya decided to dispel widespread not so long ago, rumors of a reunion with Alex and talked about what kind of feeling now has for a former lover.

“I wish him happiness. I love him very much and cherish as a man. But we’re not together — we have different destinies!” says Bonia. Victoria also said that does not suffer from loneliness and she has long been a “husband”, but the details of the novel would not disclose. Probably previous experience in public relations has taught her and now she is guided by the rule: “happiness loves silence”.

Meanwhile, shortly after the breakup of the relations with Bony Alex began to appear at social events with a new passion. And in early summer it appeared that Smurfit is friends new beloved “bride”, prompting rumors about the forthcoming wedding. We will remind that Victoria opposed the marriage with Servicom, saying that he does not consider the stamp in the passport mandatory condition for strong families.