Renata Litvinova no longer recognize

Ренату Литвинову перестали узнавать
The actress surprised in a new way.

Renata Litvinova

Photo: Instagram Renata Litvinova

Should a woman change the hairstyle or hair color — and it immediately
cease to learn. This principle is by example has decided to prove Renata Litvinova.
The actress shared a picture of her short wig in the style of movie stars from the 60s. Renata
immediately began to compare with those who have similar style.

Litvinov, however, did not hide the fact that it is an artificial
hair. “In the image” — succinctly outlined their change actress. For many years
Litvinova is on the list of most beautiful blondes in the country and she really
go blond hair.

By the way, the recent “goddess of style” as it is often called
Litvinov, became easier to relate to your photos and often publishes his does
not glamorous shots of everyday life. Perhaps it is a tribute to fashion for,
which is now engulfed Hollywood. Many movie stars including Julia Roberts, urging people not to be ashamed of natural beauty, its lines, and does not
to artificially preserve youth, resorting to plastic surgery.