Larisa Guzeeva confessed your love to

Лариса Гузеева призналась в любви близкому человеку
The presenter congratulated the son with the birthday.

Лариса Гузеева призналась в любви близкому человеку

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Today one of the main events in the life of a popular star
Larisa Guzeeva. TV presenter celebrates 26 years of her son George. “My only, my beloved,
beautiful son, thank you that you were born from me! says Guzeeva. — I was born with you! Let it be
interesting and happy to live and let you have all our plans work! Let your
Life will be as you imagine it was scheduled! I’m here, and for you.”

In his interview with Larissa often tells the son how she loves him, adores and appreciates. Meet in her confessions
and notes of regret about how little time she spent with George because of his employment as were with him strict and sometimes cruel.

“Always talked
with their children, with peers. And it’s wrong! With George when he
was little, I did like he’s my husband. Him, say, years
ten, and I, for something angry at him, I’m going to my room, crying,
rush to the bed and he follows me, sits on the edge… I say: “I
don’t want to hear”. And run to the bathroom and he stands there at the door and asks:
“Mommy, open”. In short, passion raged. Now understand: I’m sorry.
Though the hands never broke, but was intemperate language and, I fear, wounded
son much. He was just a boy, baby, why I went to him with such
requirements? Expensive I wouldn’t give to have George in some places
erased the memory, said Guzeeva. — Says that she’s forgiven. But sometimes
something it slips. And that’s the only thing stopping me today
to be absolutely happy. Because I worry myself sick. Wasn’t a night that I
not remembered and mentally asked my son for forgiveness. As, for example, I
one sent to the Barber in nine years, and then I didn’t like
haircut, and I threw such a scandal! Lord. The hair, which is still the same
will grow back… Nine-year old boy… How now regret it”.


And recently the TV presenter posted a photo
George and his girlfriend Anna. Guzeeva a lot
times said in an interview that her son George is not one year living with his beloved. They have a very warm relationship, guys each other
love and ready for marriage.