Renata Litvinova explained the attacks on the young participant of “minute of fame”

Рената Литвинова объяснила нападки на юную участницу «Минуты славы» Actress and Director was justified for criticizing the aspiring artist. Previously Renata Litvinova spoke negatively about the number of eight year old Victoria Starikova hails from Nizhny Tagil, who performed the song Zemfira “Live in your head”. The star praised her work the red button.

      Recently at the filming of the First channel “Minute of glory” there was a scandal that caused a storm of emotions among the public. Eight-year-old native of Nizhny Tagil Victoria Starikov performed the song Zemfira “Live in your head”, accompanying herself on the piano. The performance of the girls like not all the members of the jury their opinions are divided. Renata Litvinova, Sergei Yursky and Vladimir Pozner has criticized the number of Victoria Starikova. Listening to the opinion of the stars, Victoria burst into tears.

      “A strange position, some stupid. I internally protest against this. Some prohibited course. Excuse me, you are a good girl,” said Renata Litvinova.

      Recently, the actress and the Director gave an interview in which explained his position on young artists. According to Renata Litvinova, small children not a place on the stage. However, the celebrity is confident that to this rule there are exceptions.

      “Girl so small, only eight years old. I think there is something wrong with this case. Rather, the influence of parents who do their pride, some nedvosmisleno. I know that if children do not pass on, it becomes such a terrible injury! They can’t get over it. I wouldn’t let them in here in such contests, no matter how talented the man was… and Another thing – the circus. They start very early, because as they say: “when, if not at this age?”… Or gymnasts, which should be very thin to fly. And so – no, I’m against. Is there is still life. No need to put children in moral injuries,” said the woman.

      The position of the parts Renata Litvinova, Vladimir Pozner. The presenter believes that young artists often satisfy the ambitions of their parents. “My point about the children on the stage hasn’t changed… It causes the injury to the child. Is it possible at this age to feel what I wanted to say Zemfira? Eight years old man, and sings a song written bole a grown man who had suffered greatly when it was created,” said Posner in a live TV show.

      The only one who stood up for Victoria Starikov was Sergey Svetlakov. Showman believes that the native of Nizhni Tagil sings not for parents. He also expressed confidence that Victoria understands the meaning of song of Zemfira. “Everything in life happens differently. It’s her decision, even at the age of eight, to go on stage. I really love this song… It shows the talent of this child. She in his eight years may be older than all of us,” said Svetlakov.

      However, the young singer still dropped out of the project at the second stage. The journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” said the mother of Victoria. As the woman, the opinion of the jury was divided again, but the girl’s future was no longer decided to be a happy occasion. Therefore, the young actress had to leave the show.