Alla Pugacheva is preparing a great party

Алла Пугачева готовит шикарную вечеринку Star is going to arrange another holiday dedicated to meeting the long-awaited spring. Traditionally, Alla Borisovna will gather loved ones to celebrate the change of seasons. This time the event Diva will be held in the Greek style.

      Алла Пугачева готовит шикарную вечеринку

      Each year singer Alla Pugacheva has another massive party to celebrate the beginning of spring. The artist came up with it years ago, and since then strictly adheres to tradition. Celebrity regularly invites to his family and friends to celebrate the end of the cold season. This time the event, organised by the prima Donna, will be held on Sunday, the fifth of March. Journalists asked Alla what she’s in store for its visitors. Pugacheva willingly shared details of the celebration. According to the artist, it will be decorated in the same style.

      “The theme of our celebration is “the Catwalk in your life”. The party will be held in the Greek style” – quoted the singer as a correspondent.
      Алла Пугачева готовит шикарную вечеринку

      According to journalists, Alla is going to cover a magnificent table with delicious food for every taste. This time it will be presented by the national Greek dishes. It is also known that the Diva is planning effectively to meet the arrival of spring. Star intends to purchase new utensils to break it in the midst of the celebration. It is believed that this ritual attracts good luck in the house and gets rid of negative energy.

      Recall that last year, Alla Pugacheva greeted the spring of the sixth of March. Then friends and relatives of the star was pleased with her lush bouquets of yellow flowers. The singer believes that they can best raise the spirits. So the vases in the house Diva bursting with fragrant sprigs of Mimosa. Traditionally, before the beginning of the holiday surrounded by celebrity repeats three times the phrase: “Spring is allowed”. It symbolizes the end of one period and the beginning of another. Among the guests of Alla Pugacheva was seen by many famous people, including Philip, IDA Dustman, Alexander Buinov, Andrey Makarevich, the writer Viktor Yerofeyev, Baigali Serkebayev, Director General of MUZ-TV Arman Davletyarov, Yulia Proskuryakova and many others. As for Diva, she has the admiration of fans with his effortless and stylish outfit: the actress shone in a white dress with lace.

      By the way, every year, Alla Pugacheva invites to your party one new man. The correspondent of “Companion” confident that this time the Diva will be Dima Bilan. A duet on the birthday of Yana Rudkovskaya made a splash. However, Alla Borisovna has not yet confirmed this information to journalists. Pugacheva and Dima sang a duet at the celebration of Yana Rudkovskaya