Рената Литвинова и Земфира отдыхают в Италии Girlfriends spend time in the large family of the company. Renata Litvinova, sunbathing on the shores of Sunny Italy with her daughter Ulyana. With them enjoying summer days Zemfira and Natalya Surkova with the family.

      Рената Литвинова и Земфира отдыхают в Италии

      Renata Litvinova skillfully combines relaxation with shots of the new paintings that are held in different parts of Europe. The Director works over the tape in which one of the roles will play her daughter Juliana. In his free time shooting star joins the company of his close friends who are on holiday in Italy.

      Renata Litvinova has hinted that she has a man

      The beaches of Sunny European countries warmly opened its arms in front of Renata and Ulyana. A favorite pastime for mother and daughters walking on the yacht in the company of Zemfira, Natalia Surkova and her adorable children. In the open sea friends, have fun, catch fish and enjoy the solitude away from the busy tourist centers.

      Рената Литвинова и Земфира отдыхают в Италии

      Zemfira published on his page in Instagram one of the happiest moments of the Italian holiday. In the photo she is posing with son Surkova on the background of bright blue sea and cloudless sky.

      It is worth noting that fans of the stars were happy to see her smile. They are happy for their favorite, which relaxes after a hard and long tour of Russia, culminating in the two Grand concerts in the capital’s “Olympic”.

      “Relax, favorite singer! Buzz! Thanks again for this spring, Tanned and beautiful! A good holiday”, “Photo magic, smell the sea and hear the motor boats. Zemfira chocolate brown, You are very tan and white color t-shirt. You reminded me of a favorite treat – zamfirescu,” wrote the artist fans.

      Recall, the tour Zemfira was quite difficult. Around it was inflamed scandals. In addition, the team of the singer was not always satisfied with the sound quality and the organization of the show in different cities. In the end, the singer hinted from the stage that this tour is the last one.

      Zemfira has made the scandalous statement

      Many fans of the star were shocked by this statement. Some took the words of the star as a reluctance to continue touring. In the ranks of the fans of the stars started a real panic.

      However, Zemfira commented on the situation. “They made up, modern information technology in all its glory,” she wrote on his page on “Facebook”. – The phrase “This is my last tour!” means exactly what it means – last round. The format of the rounds for me, now exhausted – difficult, troublesome, nervously. I calculated yesterday – it’s the tenth round! Just think about it”.

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