Надежный тыл: звезды, которые увеличили себе ягодицы

Recently 28-year-old singer Anna Dziuba (better known as Asti) decided on plastic surgery — the soloist of the popular group made a lipofilling. Along with an expert versed in all methods of buttock augmentation and remember other stars, which in due time became the owner of a big and bouncy “the fifth point” thanks to the efforts of surgeons.

According to the American Association of plastic surgeons (ASPS), the demand for buttock augmentation in the last year grew by 30 percent, according to statistics, these operations are performed in the U.S. every half hour. A significant contribution to the popularization of the movement “for reliable and elastic rear” made Kylie Jenner, Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj, amber rose and, of course, Kim Kardashian (where do without it).

Kim Kardashian, 38 years

Kim — the owner of perhaps the most discussed of the fifth point. For the first time fans began to suspect the star to increase the buttocks in 2009. Then she even had to show an x-ray to prove she has no implants. Most likely, she ran lipofilling. And fat, of course, cannot be seen on x-ray,

— said the expert.

Надежный тыл: звезды, которые увеличили себе ягодицы

Надежный тыл: звезды, которые увеличили себе ягодицы

Kylie Jenner, 21

Star surgeon Neal Handel is confident that Kylie not only lips enhanced, but also the buttocks. However, another expert, Dr. Katz, argues that it in pear-shaped figure type — the lower body will always be “heavier”. Moreover, the doctor did not find much difference in photos of a young mother 2015 and 2018, he does not deny that the girl could go to a surgeon to narrow the waist, to accentuate the ass.

But a person from another Los Angeles clinic, Dr. Beck, thinks otherwise:
Definitely shaped Kylie is the work of a plastic surgeon, it should be noted, the present master. Diet and sport, of course, able to change forms, but then mass recruited all over the body, and not on his private land. Certainly, it are silicone implants.

Khloe Kardashian, 34

Many suspect that the example of his sister and Chloe in 2014, increased the buttocks by placing implants. The star herself, of course, angrily denies and says that no tuning is not done, and only from morning till night, worked in the gym. I wonder what kind of exercise which will pump up the equally impressive “kardashian”…


Nicki Minaj, 35 years

Enjoy the lush rear can be plenty of the singer in her video Anaconda. Watching the video, Dr. David Feltman delivered its verdict:
Judging by the shape, buttocks star increased, and the implants were chosen are very large.

Cardi Bi, 26 years old

One of the most talked about rap artists KARDi B. was admitted to a boob job and did the injections, but about the last surgery, she came to regret:
I wanted to do liposuction doctors had to transfer the fat from the waist to the buttocks. But I was too skinny, nowhere to take material. I was desperate and foolishly went to the clinic, which is located in the basement in Queens. After the procedure (I was injected with saline) and I felt awful, I was sick, had a fever, I could hardly breathe. KARDi her new priest came to taste, she even was going to come over sometime “back for more”. But here’s the thing, the Jamaican woman in jail due to the fact that one of the patients died after admission.

Надежный тыл: звезды, которые увеличили себе ягодицы

Надежный тыл: звезды, которые увеличили себе ягодицы

Jenna Jameson, 44

The winner of the unofficial title of “Queen of porn” made his 38th birthday, perhaps the most unusual gift. The adult film star decided on surgery to increase buttocks implants. Even though Jenna still continues to stubbornly deny this fact, its forms are clearly good job surgeons, is to look at pictures of her, and doubt fall away — too unnatural look of her “charms”.

Надежный тыл: звезды, которые увеличили себе ягодицы Надежный тыл: звезды, которые увеличили себе ягодицы

Amber rose, 35 years

Rap singer stoically remains silent, neither confirming nor denying rumors about their enlarged buttocks. However, her ex-husband Visas Khalifa somehow has hinted on Twitter that her fifth point — it is not a gift of nature: do You really believe that they’re real? Please!

Heidi Montag, 32

Have Heidi Montag is a plastic surgery — member of the reality show “the hills” on MTV did ten operations in one day. In addition to breast augmentation, brow lift, rhinoplasty, injections, chin reduction and liposuction, American TV host changed the shape of the buttocks. Now Montag stands for naturalness and admitted he went too far with the plastic (but there’s no turning back).

Black China, 30 years

According to many users, ex-girlfriend of Rob Kardashian, black chyna looks like an ant, and all because of an unhealthy fascination with plastic. Surgeons also agree that with implants, the star still overdone:
The figure looks disproportionate. Unfortunately, the result of increasing the buttocks from black Tea is not exemplary. It seems that the implants flipped over.

Iggy Azalea, 28 years

Plastic surgeon mark Youssef, from the new York clinic Younique sure that the singer has been under the knife:

Надежный тыл: звезды, которые увеличили себе ягодицы

Надежный тыл: звезды, которые увеличили себе ягодицы

Надежный тыл: звезды, которые увеличили себе ягодицы

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about buttock augmentation and asked them MD, a plastic surgeon of clinic “beauty Trend”, leading specialist of Russia on lipomodelling Vladimir Zlenko.

How to understand if the star lipofilling, for example, or still put implants?

To distinguish the implant, of course, possible. First, the presence of a gluteal implant, it becomes clear to the touch, secondly, when driving the implant behaves differently in the prone position, for example, the implant does not spread, as the natural buttocks, and keeps the shape, as in standing position. In this sense, after lipofilling of the buttocks look more natural.

How is she and the other operation?

When installing the implant, an incision is made the implant is most often installed under the gluteal muscle. Accordingly, no seam do not work. In the case of lipofilling all manipulations are carried out using microprotol, which allows to avoid incisions and sutures. The fat cells are collected from the problem areas — the belly and thighs and using a thin cannula is transferred to the buttocks area.

Usually, girls wish to add volume to the upper pole of the buttocks to look more sporty and curvy. This procedure I perform on the machine Vaser, it is based on gentle ultrasound, which keeps cells viable and suitable for transplantation. It also allows you to simulate the buttocks. In the process I can adjust the lower zone, returning a clear desired length of the crease, removing excess fat from the sides, and to outline the sports relief buttocks is not worse than an avid visitor of the gym. In this sense, lipofilling gives more opportunities for modeling. After the session, remain barely visible traces that disappear in a few months.

Надежный тыл: звезды, которые увеличили себе ягодицы

Which of the operations the least traumatic?

When setting the implant expressed pain more. In addition, complications can be much more. In this sense, lipofilling of the buttocks is less traumatic, your own fat tissue is the natural “filler”, and there are no foreign objects (implants).

However, if the injections result is difficult to guarantee? After all, if people significantly lose weight, the fat entered in the area too resolve?

The more stable the result really provide implants, however, do not forget that they can move and be displaced, including down. As for the injections, the result will be long-term, if she keeps a stable weight. With a sharp weight loss fat some will leave.

Can a skinny girl to do the injections?

Lipofilling can be done if a girl has body fat in the stomach area, waist, flanks, arms, or thighs. If the patient has a lack of adipose tissue, a procedure impossible.

How many liters of fat, you need to enter to have the result visible?

To tell you the exact amount of fat only in each case. But on average I travel at 0.5 liters of fat in each buttock.

How popular this procedure in Russia?

Almost every second patient who undergoes a procedure Vaser-modeling requests to improve the shape of the buttocks. Surgery for Vaser modeling I spend every day two or three operations, with the exception of Tuesday and Sunday (this weekend). If the patient requested to put the implant, in almost every case the surgeons of our clinic are able to dissuade the girls from this venture and refocus on lipofilling. With implants and really (!) a lot of complications and restrictions. Still more preferred fat for modelling!

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