Родственники Уитни Хьюстон ответят в суде за продажу статуэтки Эмми

After the sudden death of the famous American singer Whitney Houston , all her property and money was inherited to the relatives of the artist, including multiple awards received for the years of his musical career. To the Golden statuettes won’t get dusty in the closet, who inherited the family decided to sell them and earn money. But they can also earn a huge fine.

Representatives of The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced that will not allow you to put the statue, which was awarded at the time Whitney for sale. Pat Houston, sister-in-law of the singer, has appointed the starting price of the auction in the amount of ten thousand dollars, not knowing, perhaps, that such things are not for sale.
“The TV Academy requires to exercise their rights regarding the Emmy awards, given to the singer Whitney Houston and confiscate the statue or the income derived from its sales,” — said in a lawsuit filed in U.S. District court.
Representatives of The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences assert that the award is their property, and because defendant is prohibited from selling it at auction, to be held on June 24 in Beverly hills. Enjoyed a respected and influential company, the action may not only suspend the sale of this particular lot, but to cancel the entire auction.
But the chance for sale still: the company has not provided any documents confirming that Whitney receiving the award in 1986 for the song “Saving All My Love For You”, agreed to their terms, including the exclusion of resale of the statues. In the lawsuit, the family of Houston sees the racism and pressure on myself because for three decades Emmy awards quietly sold and resold at auctions without the intervention of lawyers The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. The point in this case put the court.

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