Мужа Жасмин опять арестовали

Spouse of the singer is accused of Bank fraud and plan to keep in the chamber for up to 30 days.

Only this Jasmine is not enough. The singer recently became a mother for the third time, on her shoulders now two-month-old son Myron and four-year-old daughter Margarita, and here’s the news – husband arrested.

Edition of “the Notebook of Moldova reports that the mayor of the Moldavian city of Orhei Ilan Shor detained in Moldova for 72 hours on charges of fraud in especially large size and money laundering. According to the Prosecutor’s Betisor, the investigators enough evidence to arrest the suspect for 30 days.

Jasmine in shock. “It’s a complete misunderstanding! I believe that the Prosecutor exceeded his authority. For me it’s a shock, but I really hope that by Friday everything will be resolved”, – said the singer “StarHit”.

By the way, this is not the first meeting of the Ilan Shor with law enforcement. A year ago, in the spring of 2015, wife Jasmine was accused of abuse of official position on the post of the Chairman of the administrative Council of Banca de Economii and the illegal withdrawal of funds in the amount of one billion dollars from three commercial banks of Moldova.

Then the businessman was also arrested. And Jasmine, meanwhile, defended the wife against the attacks of the public: “My husband respected and successful businessman, philanthropist, actively supporting sports and arts in Moldova, the founder of the charity Fund, which helped and supported in difficult times dozens of families and hundreds of people, and most importantly – he is a loving, kind father and husband. Consider actions of law enforcement bodies of Moldova a huge mistake, and deployed around it company in the media and society is intentionally denigrating, discriminatory and is a clear political game. I hope the truth will prevail and that this misunderstanding will be exhausted.”

A year ago, the case really closed as quickly as it opened. As will be this time, is still unknown. But I hope that the family Jasmine will be all right.

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