ДиКаприо признан одним из самых влиятельных людей индустрии развлечений

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most known and beloved figure in the film industry. That only is the active support of the actor, at the ceremony “Oscar-2016”, where he finally became the Victor.

Once again to remind the rest about weight DiCaprio movie decided to the magazine the Hollywood Reporter.

The editorial Board noted that Leonardo more than the others devoting time to environmental problems of the planet, invests huge sums in various programs for the protection of nature, but also remains in the list of top-notch Hollywood stars. For example, the movie “the Survivors” where DiCaprio played almost solo, managed to raise cash to 532 million dollars.

In addition to DiCaprio in the hundred most influential people in the entertainment industry, the magazine says that Directors Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and Martin Scorsese, TV presenter and social activist Oprah Winfrey, actress Jennifer Lawrence, actors brad pitt and Robert Downey Jr.

Among the companies, the leadership belongs to Walt Disney and its President, Robert Iger. Behind him are the owners 21st Century Fox — the Murdoch family. In third place was the head of the media holding CBS Corp. Leslie Mons.

By the way, we will remind, the Walt Disney company has donated $ 1 million to the victims of the terrorist attack in Orlando.

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