Relatives of the deceased Whitney Houston and her daughter demand the exhumation of the bodies

Родственники умерших Уитни Хьюстон и её дочери требуют эксгумации тел

The relatives of the deceased singer Whitney Houston and her only daughter Bobbi Kristina brown can’t accept the decision of the court, not found guilty in their death. Mysterious death in almost identical circumstances impel them to the idea that it can’t be a coincidence or mystical coincidence. Relatives believe – in both cases, the culprit Dean is Nick Gordon was a pupil of the singer and husband of her daughter.

The initiator of exhumation was the sister of the former husband of Whitney Bobby brown Leola, as well as the deceased’s mother Cissy Houston. They want to conduct additional examination, and for this we must dig up their graves. Confirms suspicions of women and Under Hebl, a former policeman and private investigator, who conducted an independent investigation and came to the conclusion that Nick is involved in both deaths.
Recall that the civil court came to the same conclusion – Mr. Gordon was responsible for the death of Bobbi Kristina brown, but because the process was not criminal, civil, or to any punishment it will not. In order to initiate criminal proceedings, not enough and they are going to literally get during exhumation.