Tarasov confirmed that broke up with Buzova

Тарасов подтвердил, что расстался с Бузовой

Only a few hours ago Olga Buzova his touching verse hinted at the fact that they with Dmitry Tarasov family problems like the soccer player confirmed that they broke up. To contact him are journalists site Layfnyuz. Dmitry confirmed the fact of breaking up with his wife, but to go into detail did not.

“Olga likes to comment here and ask her, and I after it” — said Dmitry. The reasons for the separation he said not a word, Olga also silent.
Despite the fact that a couple suspected of PR on the alleged separation, some do not rule out that the couple in fact a crisis that may lead to divorce. but a few weeks ago, they cooed like doves, signing a joint photo with the hashtag #moymoy. But as they say, from love to hatred – one step.