Relatives commented on the divorce of Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux

Близкие прокомментировали развод Дженнифер Энистон и Джастина Теру

2016, as you know, many consider the year of breakups. In addition to messages about the real divorces of celebrities, for example, Brangelina or Depp-heard, in the media sometimes slipping false news about the breakup. The new “victims” of the “yellow press” were Justin Theroux and Jennifer aniston.

Journalists wrote that the acting couple, who legalized their relationship in 2015, is getting a divorce. Supposedly the reason was the accumulated resentment. In addition, aniston and Theroux recently almost not seen. And all because that Justin is literally lost on the set. Jennifer felt lonely and abandoned. However, file for divorce, the Hollywood actress allegedly decided only after the holidays.

From the Jennifer and Justin comments on this matter will not wait, and here people from their environment, happy to communicate with the press on this subject.

Those close to the couple claim that about any divorce Theroux-aniston speech can not be. The actor is happy as ever and even don’t pay attention to news with similar content.