Leonardo DiCaprio donated $65 thousand “Children of Armenia”

Леонардо ДиКаприо пожертвовал $65 тыс. «Детям Армении»

As much as Leonardo DiCaprio is famous for his film roles he is famous for his good heart. It seems that the actor is ready to give the last people who got in trouble. Slaughter Oscar and on our planet, the future of humanity as a whole.

Charity, Leonardo engaged with the help of his Foundation, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which contributes money to the needy.

Today it became known about the new wide gesture star of “the Great Gatsby”.

DiCaprio sent 65 thousand dollars to the Fund “Children of Armenia” (Foundation for children “Children of Armenia” was established in 2000 in new York. Its main task is to ensure a bright future for children in impoverished communities in Armenia).

Note that informed their support for the Fund expressed by Tom Hanks.

Previously Edward Norton has named Leonardo DiCaprio a “loser”.