Помолодевший Федор Бондарчук блеснул в свете с Паулиной Андреевой The star couple attended the premiere of the picture “Dovlatov” by Alexei German Jr., which took place on Tuesday evening in the capital. The guests noticed that Fedor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva did not leave for a minute. Celebrity admired the harmony in their relationship.
Помолодевший Федор Бондарчук блеснул в свете с Паулиной Андреевой

Last night in Moscow hosted the premiere of a new film by Alexei German Jr.’s “iron curtain”. The event was attended by many celebrities. As usual, everyone’s attention was focused on Fedor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva. The star couple posed for photographers and willingly gave interviews. Around noticed that the Director did not depart from his companion and was constantly holding her hand.

For the release of Bondarchuk chose a casual style of clothing – jeans tucked he added a black jacket with a zipper. Beloved Fedor chose to wear a black jacket and skinny jeans with fringe. Some time ago, the public suspected that Andreev is in an interesting position, however, the recent emergence of the actress in public were denied such speculation.

Помолодевший Федор Бондарчук блеснул в свете с Паулиной Андреевой

In addition to Theodore and Pauline at the premiere were seen Nikita Mikhalkov, Xenia Rappoport, Mikhail Shatz and Tatyana Lazareva, Maxim Vitorgan, Yulia Baranovskaya, Ksenia Rappoport and Aglaia Tarasova. The film-makers and performers of the main roles presented “himself” secular to the public. The audience applauded Svetlana Khodchenkova, the Milan Marich, Elena Lyadova and the film’s producer Konstantin Ernst. Guest of honour was the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky.

In wide release, the movie will be released on March 1. In Russia “iron curtain” came from prestigious award – “the Silver bear” Berlinale for outstanding artistic contribution. Vladimir Medinsky congratulated the filmmakers with getting figurines and noted that in recent years, many Russian films were awarded abroad.

New work by Alexei German Jr. tells the story of several days in the life of the writer Sergei Dovlatov on the eve of the exile of his friend Joseph Brodsky. Viewers are immersed in the atmosphere of Leningrad 70 years, like the cycle of paradoxical and funny situations. Starring Serbian actor Milan Maric. Director Alexey German Jr. until recently, kept secret the name of the artist, reincarnated in himself. That offer got exactly Maric it became known in September 2016.

Помолодевший Федор Бондарчук блеснул в свете с Паулиной Андреевой“I lived in Leningrad, now called St. Petersburg, on the street, not far from the place where he lived Dovlatov, – said Herman Jr. at a press conference. – I wanted to go back to the 70s, when the city lived and created many remarkable writers, painters, composers. Not all of them turned out well. The film is about my family. My dad, a wonderful Director, long tormented, long-suffering, he was banned films.”
Помолодевший Федор Бондарчук блеснул в свете с Паулиной Андреевой