Polina Gagarina explained the reason for the popularity of Olga Buzova

Полина Гагарина объяснила причину популярности Ольги Бузовой While on tour in Tyumen with the Symphony orchestra, the star spoke about the activities of colleagues. Polina Gagarina said that is not going to side with the fans or critics of art of Olga Buzova.

Recently, the singer Polina Gagarina visited Tyumen. In this city, the singer gave an interview in which he shared his views on modern music, as well as the work of some colleagues. “I think the talent is hype. Always, at all times,” shared the actress in the interview with TV channel “Tyumen time”.

Host of “More” gave the example of show-business. “Olga Buzova, which fees are, as they say, reach up to one million rubles, performs to the soundtrack, but people will go,” – said the journalist. Polina Gagarina commented on the activities of the presenter and an aspiring singer.

“I guess it rushing. In every sense of the word. Energy is very important. Perhaps now Olga is on some power lifting… an Artist is a unique unit, and if it go, then it go. And then as if to look for what the phenomenon, for and against… I have no comment on what is happening with Olya Buzova, but I know that she should burn the ears of every day, just in a sort of circle of people her name is mentioned. That’s hype,” said star.

Polina Gagarina also talked about how did the work on her new video for the song “Disarmed”. The video was released in late December of last year. Three months since the premiere of the clip managed to get over 14.7 million views on YouTube.

“He is the most long-suffering. Seven montages, so many I never had. When I was six, I stabbed, because I realized that you want to do well, do it yourself. In the end my husband made. He knows and supports my business. I just came up and claimed. I believe this is its great merit. He was very upset. This is his first such work”, – said the singer.

In a recent interview with Gagarin also explained why went on tour with a Symphony orchestra. “The artist needs to impress, you need to do a new show every two to three years. On the one hand, Russia is a big country, with another city again, so those viewers who have already seen one show, you want something new,” – said the artist.

By the way, Polina Gagarina, not only comes up with a new programme of concerts and records hits, but also in films. It is known that the actress appeared in the film adaptation of the novel by Sergei Dovlatov “Reserve”. The film was directed by Anna matison, the main role in it played by Sergei Bezrukov. The budget for the film was assembled with the help of crowdfunding.