Регина Тодоренко пошла на эксперименты с запрещенными веществами The leader told about what happened to her in Indonesia. Being in another country, Regina Todorenko dare to try psychotropic drugs. After this the girl became very ill, and she experienced a whole range of different emotions.

      Регина Тодоренко пошла на эксперименты с запрещенными веществами

      Host of the show “heads and tails” Regina todorenko constantly travels and shares in social networks photos taken in different parts of the globe. Brave girl often goes to extremes to please fans of interesting stories and vivid images. Once, when Regina was in Indonesia, she even decided to take a prohibited substance to talk about their experiences to the public. Celebrity frankly told that felt disgusting. According to Todorenko, she experienced a range of emotions – he fear to hysteria.

      “It just freaked me out. So bad I never did… the Fear that grips your entire body and immediate change of mood to the joy, euphoria; then the panic that is difficult to control, then hysterical laughter. I felt all the sins of the world on his shoulders, as if someone from above dumped me a ton of trash bags like a donkey and left to suffocate under this weight. I cried and laughed simultaneously for about 3-5 hours. How I wish it ended like a bad dream, just disappeared in the morning…” said Regina.

      After this deadly experiment leading recovered three weeks. “There was a strong intoxication, weakness in the body and wild stomach cramps… But now you’re on my bitter example know how to proceed in such cases”, – told the TV star.

      Fans of Regina Todorenko sympathized with the girl and advised her to take care of yourself. “The brave leading”, “we’re glad you’re okay”, “Pretty woman”, “You are truly brave. I would not dare,” “Tin,” “Horror, it’s very dangerous,” “Fearless traveler”, “As the saying goes, the profession was obliged,” was discussed by the fans of the program “heads and tails”.

      The girl also told about another extreme situation, in which she was on duty. Regina talked about how he almost died during a volcano eruption in Indonesia. According to Todorenko, the crew saved a fortune.

      “The day when we went to the volcano Sinabung, I wrote to friends: “If you do not make contact after two hours, it’s time to sound the alarm.” Some unknown force would not let us to the volcano, the universe seemed to say: “Stop it.” But we completely refused to listen… Well, that all went well, and the eruption of the volcano happened when we were already in a more or less safe place,” said the girl.