Андрей Чернышов рассказал, когда станет отцом The actor spoke about the children. Star of TV series recently married the knot with his beloved girl. According to Chernyshova, they are already thinking about adding to the family, especially, his relatives have insisted on it.

      Андрей Чернышов рассказал, когда станет отцом

      A few weeks ago, Andrey Chernyshov formalized the relationship with his chosen. The actor was considered one of the most eligible famous bachelors, so the news of his wedding to disappoint fans. The star of the show “Margarita Nazarova” met with Maria Dobrinski about ten years. They worked together in the same theatre, but he tried not to talk about their relationship to the wider public.

      “Maria and I really formalize their relationship officially, I do not hide from the public, but not advertise it too much. We are fine and we are happy together, both at home and at work”, – said Andrey.

      As argued by friends of the actor, he refused to formalize the relationship with Mary, because they believed that the role of men makes it more attractive for fans and adds to the popularity. Friends of the pair said that the girl suffers due to such a relationship. However, Dobrinska waited for her choice is still decided on a serious step.

      Now 44-year-old actor thought about having children. Earlier Chernyshov told me that his mom is looking forward to a grandchild. “I have long been ripe for the role of a parent, and close friends often remind me. Maria and I think about the baby, but not forcing events. As God wills…” – said Andrew.

      According to Chernyshova, he tries to be just a loving husband outside of work. Despite the changes in his personal life, leave the cinema or theater actor has no plans. The man said that this year can be seen in new projects, where it will demonstrate not only his acting talent, but self-control.

      “Soon will be released the military-historical drama “Tankers” in which I played the leading role. This is a film about love, devotion and honor. By the way, the plot is based on real events. Olga Pogodina, my partner on the series about Margarita Nazarova, not only played a major role, but also acted as the producer of the film. Many stunts in the film, I did myself without the help of doubles,” admitted Blackburn in communication with Wday.ru.